The world's first 50-fold zoom mounted con- ference "PowerShot SX50 HS" actual machine review

As the compact digital camera, the world's first 50-fold optical zoom (Canon Investigation) is installed, and if you use the "progressive fine zoom" function to perform resolution with resolution kept up to 100 times, telephoto shooting equivalent to 2400 mm equivalentPowerShot SX 50 HS"ButPhotokinaI was photographing the actual machine because it was exhibited.

The appearance looks like this.

The main body size is 122.5 × width 87.3 × depth 105.5 mm, the weight including the battery and recording media is about 595 g. Equipped with 1 / 2.3 type back illuminated CMOS sensor of about 12,800,000 pixels, it corresponds to high-speed continuous shooting of 13 sheets (up to 10 consecutive images) per second.

It actually looks like this. Although it is small compared to a digital one-eye camera, it is not so small as to say pocket size.

On the back is equipped with a display that can adjust the angle and you can see the live view screen firmly when shooting from extremely high angle or low angle.

2.8 inch TFT liquid crystal display (about 460,000 dots) loaded.

The buttons on the back are as follows. If you press the red button in the upper right, you can shoot movies at 1920 × 1080 24 fps.

Looking from above it looks like this.

The mode dial is like this.

The side is as follows.

When you zoom in, Bayon and the lens will extend.

The lens extended to about twice the thickness of the main body.

So, how far can you shoot by drawing objects far away? It is as follows.

First of all, we shot the venue with a wide angle. It says "Canon" written on a panel that is far away from the naked eye.

When zooming to the character of "Canon" it looks like this. It is a level that you no longer want to call a telescope. In addition, it is rare for the camera to shake so much that the subject can not be distinguished even in a dark place like the venue of Photokina, so even if you use the maximum telephoto it was possible to shoot with satisfactory image quality. However, it seems that the influence of camera shake may be conspicuous when viewing on a large display, so it is better to use a tripod or the like to shoot when using the zoom function.

The release schedule in Japan is September 27, 2012,Direct selling priceIt is 50,000 yen yen.

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