21 times zoom corresponding to 4G Android digital camera "GALAXY Camera" actual machine review

Samsung's "GALAXY Camera" equipped with back-illuminated CMOS sensor with effective pixel count of 16.3 million pixels and optical 21x zoom, adopting Android 4.1 as OSPhotokinaSince it was exhibited in the venue of the exhibition, I paid the actual machine in the picture.

Exhibits of actual machines are being held at the panel of Samsung booth "SMART CAMERA" at the end of the panel.

I tried turning on the power. I can only see it as a smartphone from behind.

It is equipped with a 4.8 inch display on the back, and it is bigger than the iPhone 4 S in two times larger size.

A completely digital camera as seen from the front.

The side is like this.

Built-in pop-up type speed light (flash).

The home screen is as follows.

Applications for smartphones can be used as well as "GALAXY" series.

You can use Google Map crisply.

YouTube can also be viewed.

When you start the camera application it looks something like this.

A UI imitating a lens is displayed, and it is possible to operate a diaphragm etc. by a touch operation.

Pictures actually taken are as follows. As the contrast of the display was strong, it was like sharp and sharp reflections.

Since you can connect to the net with 3G / 4G mobile phone network and WiFi, you can post pictures you have taken to SNS etc. and send them by e-mail.

Actually moving the application by manipulating the display on the back and taking pictures can be seen in the following movies.

I tried touching "GALAXY Camera" - YouTube

The angle of view at wide angle is like this.

By zooming 21 times you can enlarge to the character of "S" in the photo above.

Lens in maximum telephoto state.

The main body color has three color variations in addition to white.

At the time of writing the article is scheduled to be released in Japan and the price is undecided.

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