Google gave up on the intention of Steve Jobs to set up a development base in Paris

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Between Google and AppleThere was a large-scale secret agreement over employee withdrawalIn connection with this, in connection with this, when Google tried to make a development base in Paris, when I contacted Steve Jobs to hire a former Apple engineer, Jobs was strongly opposed Since it showed the intention, it became clear that the employment was given up and the establishment of the development base was also canceled.

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Speaking of Google and Apple, we are in rivalry to fight on the smartphone market and tablet market, but behind itThere is a close cooperative relationship, we have a secret agreement to maintain itThere was. As one concrete example, in the spring of 2006, it became clear when Google tried to open a new engineering center in Paris.

Google will send this engineer to the engineers who previously worked under JobsJean-Marie HulottI was thinking about putting. Hught was acquainted with Jobs in the mid 1980'sNeXTIn 1996 when NeXT was acquired by Apple, he became vice president of engineering. Although he retires once at the time of acquisition, in 2001, Jobs persuaded him to join Apple by joining himself and he was in charge of CTO of Paris · Apple Center for four years from that.

Mr. Jean-Marie Hurotto

ByJoi Ito

The team led by Hulott was in charge of the important part in the development of the iPhone, but when Jobs decided to do secretly all development related to iPhone in Silicon Valley, because he did not want to leave France, I retired with 4 team members.

In working at Google's Paris Engineering Center, Hulott thought that it is necessary to receive blessings from Jobs (get OK) and expressed this as "last step". In order to realize the last step, Alan Eustas, senior vice president of engineering at Google on March 28, 2006, contacted Jobs via e-mail. Mail's CC is a luxurious face of Google co-founder Sergei Brin and Larry Page, Intuit President, Apple Director, Google Consultant Bill Campbell, and the content is that they want OK to hire Hulott.

But when Google's Paris Engineering Center was launched in April 2006, Jobs did not send a reply nor did it go to the phone from Eustace. On April 5, Hugh Lott asked Eustace to check the status quo. Eustace said, "I guarantee that Bill Campbell is okay, because Bill is close to Jobs, I should prompt a reply," Hugh Lott said, "thanks to Bill Campbell for the last step I did not think that it would be so much easier at that time. "I went to Bhutan for a two week family trip.

As Eustace thought, on the night that Campbell did a usual walk on Sunday with Jobs on April 9, a reply from Jobs arrived. The content is "What is Jean-Marie doing now? If it relates to a mobile phone, there is a little problem."

In response, Eustace said, "I am not involved in mobile phones because he is versatile and Google has lots of projects, so there should be fields where Google and Apple do not conflict.You will receive" I will do it if there is an offer saying "okay." How about this? "Jobs replied that there is no objection.

However, after Hulott came back from Himalaya, he said, "I want to hire not only Jean-Marie but also other former Apple members, which I'm planning to do with the conflicts that I had previously done with Apple, but it's OK "Jobs showed the intention of refusing" Alan, we strongly hope you will not hire them, "if you inquire.

To the end Steve Jobs is CEO of Apple and should not be in a position to put in the position of the personnel affair of Google which is originally a competitor, but Eustas does not refute against Jobs and heads towards Hulod "Jobs is an engineer I do not oppose the employment of the reasons, although the reason is not explained, I think that it is inappropriate to ask for explanation because I can not make a relationship with Apple bad, I think that something good or bad If so, please let me know if you are considering doing a job with a wonderful team member, it may be better to make another company. "

In the end, in May 2006, Google canceled the project of the Paris Engineer Center. Eustace notified Jobs, "Because of your strong intention, Google ceased to hire Hurotto and other former Apple engineers, and discontinued the opening of the Paris Engineer Center. Decision making on this matter and cooperation with Google and Apple I appreciate the ongoing support for the relationship. "

After that, Hughlot took a couple of years traveling around Asia with his family and produced an application for the iPad. Currently photography main encyclopedia service "FotopediaHe is the CEO of the company.

Google made a secret agreement on employee withdrawal tied with Apple, Adobe, Intel and othersIn this trial, Sergei Brin was asked what kind of perspective Jobs had about employment recruitment in Silicon Valley, and "Jobs is in the back foot I think that he dislikes sandworking acts.This is exactly the matter of Google's Paris Engineer Center, so if Jobs are friends or very close relationships, Mr. Jobs will lose control. I do not know exactly what Jean-Marie and Jobs were in relationship with, but surely it was a friend or a close friend. "

PandoDaily, chasing the lawsuit, strongly condemns this incident "Google and Apple eventually prioritized each other's profit at the expense of technological innovation."

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