Mobile battery for MacBook that realizes long time and long life with BatteryOS "BatteryBox"

Thin, lightweight MacBook is convenient to carry and is suitable for mobile use, but fighting with battery capacity is inevitable to use for a long time. mobile battery"BatteryBox"It will be possible to use for a long time even in a mobile environment. The secret is in BatteryBoxBatteryOSIt is in existence.

BatteryBox - External battery for Macbook that fits into your hand

BatteryBox knows how great it is in the following movie.

BatteryBox - External battery for your Macbook and phone - YouTube

A man who spreads MacBook in nature.

If you leave the office outlets are meaningless.

I popped behind and threw it back.

Mobile battery that is useful under this mobile environment is "BatteryBox".

Compared to the MacBook, you can see that it is a very compact size. Weighing only 250 g and light weight.

BatteryBox has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 12,000 mAh.

12 hours for MacBook Air, 6 hours for MacBook Pro, and 8 for iPhone.

"BatteryBox is not just a mobile battery," a man speaking.

BatteryBox is equipped with "BatteryOS" ... ...

It can detect the condition of the battery and connected equipment firmly and keep the optimum charge / discharge environment.

While ordinary lithium-ion batteries charge and discharge at a constant pace, BatteryBox detects charging, idling, and full discharging of the battery by the installed BatteryOS, and it can charge and discharge accordingly, and energy consumption Because it can manage efficiently, it can be used for 10 to 40% longer time than a typical mobile battery.

Since smart charge and discharge by BatteryOS minimizes aged deterioration, there is almost no capacity deterioration even if it is used for 5 years or more.

It is also a great feature that capacity change is very small even when the number of charge / discharge cycles is repeated.

Unlike a typical mobile battery, BatteryBox does not charge the built-in battery of the MacBook and has the feature that it can use the power supplied directly from BatteryBox, so there is no danger of degrading the built-in battery of the MacBook.

Also, Battery Box needs 9 hours to charge 100% fully at 1A, but it is possible to charge 80% in half 4.5 hours. It is also compatible with 2A charging, in which case you can charge it twice as fast.

Battery Box is planned to be released in the fall of 2014 and is currently accepting reservations for $ 139 (about 14,000 yen).

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