UK afternoon tea with three layers of cake, scone, sandwich

Afternoon tea is one of the popular social occasions among British aristocrats and still going to luxury department stores and hotels in the UK, gentle ladies who dressed in gorgeous clothes cakes and scones I am enjoying. The luxury department store and the hotel afternoon tea are reasonable prices, but at the Kingsway Hall Hotel in the UK, it is said that you can enjoy authentic afternoon tea at affordable prices, so I actually went there.

Afternoon tea in Covent Garden | Kingsway afternoon tea

Kingsway Hall Hotel is a 5-minute walk from Holborn Underground Station in London.

Arrived at Kingsway Hall Hotel.

The afternoon tea is available at Harlequin Restaurant on the 1st floor of the hotel.

Other customers in the restaurant are also asking for afternoon tea

The seated seat is like this.

I will ask "Traditional Afternoon Tea" in the lower right corner of the menu. Tea chooses Traditional English from "Traditional English" "Signature Earl Gray" "Camomile Flower" "Pure Peppermint" "Blackcurrant & Lavender" "Rooiboos Orange & Cinnamon"

"Traditional English" was brought to the table immediately after ordering.

According to Mr. Waiter, in the UK, drinking milk in Traditional English is a typical drinking method.

Traditional English is slightly astringent, but the whole taste is mellowed by milk and it is easy to drink.

When I was drinking tea, sandwiches, scones and cakes that were three piles layered were carried.

First of all, I will eat it from a sandwich.

Here is a sandwich with cheddar cheese and chutney sandwiched between onion bullets, the cheese bitterness and sweetness of chutney are just right.

With roast chickenHorse radishCream sandwiches have a sour taste of cream sour.

Granary bread egg sandwich can be eaten more salty and salty than general Japanese egg sandwiches.

This is a sandwich where smoked salmon is sandwiched between chocolate-like rye bread. The fragrance of smoked salmon and salt was finished in just the right taste by eating with the savory rye bread.

Next I will try to eat scones in the middle of 3 trays in a sandwich.

First, cut the scones in half with a knife.

Having a warm hand scone is freshly baked.

This is attached to the sconeClotted creamAnd strawberry jam.

Coat half of the scones with plenty of cloamed cream.

I finished painting strawberry jam on it.

The scones are crispy inside while moist, the butter's taste is stronger. When the scone and rich cloth cream, sweetness of strawberries are combined, it is very delicious. It goes well with a bit of astringent tea.

I got a little hungry after eating scones. Finally I will have six kinds of cake.

Macaroon with caramel flavored cream in between.

This is a fruit tart. Tart's custard and fruit are good.

Eclair which white chocolate is coated on is a strange taste with a cream in the coconut flavor.

Lemon cheesecake is crispy at the bottom cookie.

The chocolate on top is a bit bitter, but the cake itself is a sweet and plentiful chocolate cake.

In the end Pakuri caught the carotte cake in one bite.

I finished a sandwich · scone · cake that was three layered. Scone and cake are free to go on and on.

I did not receive the impression that expensive dishes are used like luxury department stores and hotel afternoon tea, but in luxury department stores and hotels it costs 30 pounds (about 5000 yen) to 40 pounds (about 6700 yen) For Kingsway Hall Hotel you can enjoy authentic afternoon tea at 19.95 pounds (about 3,300 yen).

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