I tried eating French toast of Cafe Ariya which is full of fluffy texture so that it can be called the royal road

French toast that baked a mixture of eggs, milk and so on into bread,Topping a steakOrFruit racketeeringIt is evolving according to the era to the extent that things that do things are made. Meanwhile, at Cafe Ariya in Shinjuku it was surfaced and I was able to eat French toast which can be said that the inside is a fluffy royal road, so I actually went there.

Cafe Ariya (cafe AALIYA)

Depending on the time of the day, it was said that a queue could be created, so I came to the shop 15 minutes before opening hours.

Nobody was waiting before the store opened on weekdays, and the weather was sometimes called rain, or the stairs that follow the shops in the basement. Wait 15 minutes for opening.

At the same time as opening, I entered the shop and reached the seat. It is a space where piano songs are flowing and can be relaxed.

There are maple sauce and vanilla ice etc in the French toast which can be said as the signboard menu of Cafe Ariya. This time I ordered Burberry sauce (570 yen including tax).

French toast blueberry sauce was brought in 7 - 8 minutes from the order.

The surface is browned with appetite.

The side looks like juice as you can see that the mixture is soaking up even if it looks.

Fresh cream with blueberry sauce.

As I cut the French toast with a fork as I do not have a knife, I am convinced that the fork is so soft that it enters with Sue and that the knife is not attached.

First of all, if you eat only French toast, the flavor of butter will overflow with juwari after the crispy texture. French toast is exceeding the level of "moist" and it is enough to think that it will melt in the mouth. This texture seems to be hard to taste with a general French toast.

Next time I will eat it with fresh cream and blueberry sauce.

The refreshing sourness of blueberry sauce, rich body of fresh cream, and French toast of fluffy texture are well-balanced and I feel like I can keep eating.

As you can see in the cross section, you can see that the mixture stuck firmly into the toast.

Complete in 10 minutes of whipping up with fresh cream and blueberry sauce to eat. I like to have French toast surely eat it.

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