The monthly amount of 2000 yen and the next generation game integrated development environment "Unreal Engine 4" all functions are available

Epic GamesIs a next generation game integrated development environment "Unreal Engine 4Announced that it will introduce a subscription (monthly payment) model including source code at the sale of "Unreal Engine 4" (Unreal Engine 4). The usage fee is $ 19 per month (about 2000 yen), and royalty payment of 5% occurs when products actually produced using Unreal Engine 4 are released.

Unreal Engine 4

Welcome to Unreal Engine 4

The company aims to introduce the monthly system as "to provide development environments to a wide range of people from indie-style game houses to large enterprise level developers" and the conventional royalty rate isIt was 25%Considering that as a guide, it seems that hurdles to introduction have been lowered. The monthly usage fee is 19 dollars in actual product development, when sales occurred royalty payment of 5% of total revenue occurred. Supported platforms are currently Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and at the time of writing the article is only released in English, but the Japanese localization version will be available soon.

By paying the monthly fee, you will be able to use all the functions of Unreal Engine 4, you can also get the source code written in C ++ hosted on GitHub and make your own customization It will be able to do.

In addition, Epic Games says it will provide a community place for chat forums, information sharing by wiki, Q & A on AnswerHub, and it is said that it also supports the site of joint development project on GitHub.

Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games, said about this business model "This is a realization of the future dream of software development and sales, not the gaming industry dominated by major software house and campaign size, Whether it is a scale developer or a major player, it is a model model of the future that wonderful games are properly evaluated to obtain legitimate profits. "

As for Unreal Engine 4, it is also announced that it will be possible to operate even on Firefox, and opportunities to experience such realistic and beautiful images are expanding.

"Unreal Engine 4" becomes operable in Firefox and a beautiful demonstration movie is released - GIGAZINE

The movie explained by Mr. Sweene in detail about this announcement is here.

Unreal Engine 4 - A Message from Tim Sweeney - YouTube

You can check the state of the real effects loaded on the Unreal Engine 4 and actual usage examples from the following movie.

Unreal Engine 4 Features Trailer - GDC 2014 - YouTube

Downloading, installation method etc may be good for reference as it is explained in detail in the following movie.

Downloading and Building UE 4 Source - YouTube

Also, on the Official Channel of Unreal Engine, a lot of demonstration movies and so on have been released so that you can check their skills.

Unreal Engine - YouTube

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