Ultra high image quality game engine which can use all functions even free of charge New version "CRYENGINE V" & VR benchmark tool appears

Monster Hunter and other game developers used in game development · CRYENGINE will be the latest version of "CRYENGINE V"ButGame Developer Conference 2016(GDC 16), and a more refined movie of 3D graphics is also released.

Crytek Unveils All-New CRYENGINE V and Community-Centered "Pay What You Want" Model | Crytek

The latest model "CRYENGINE V" following CryEngine (4th generation) announced by Crytek, pays the amount you wanted to pay "Pay What You Want (PWYW method)"By adopting, developers can use all functions of cutting-edge game engines royalty-free by paying the asking price. In addition, it is also possible to donate up to 70% of the amount paid to Indie Development Fund, an indie game development support fund.

actuallyPurchase page of CRYENGINE V, It was possible to download 0 euro, that is, free of charge.

Characteristics of CRYENGINE V are as follows.
· Supports C #
· Low Overhead Rendering Engine
· Supports DirectX 12
· Cloud 3D space rendering system optimized for VR
· Particle system that creates fluid effects by fully using GPU
· New launcher & UI
·FMOD StudioSupport
· Dedicated channel "CRYENGINE Answers" that can ask questions and answers in the CRYENGINE community

Although it is not an example of CRYENGINE V, CRYENGINE's game graphic movie released by Crytek on GDC 16 can be seen from the following.

CRYENGINE Showcase GDC 2016 - YouTube

Crytek also supports "HTC Vive", "Oculus", "OSVR", has also announced the benchmark tool "VRScore" that can measure the performance of VR graphics with CRYENGINE's power, together with CRYENGINE V, VR game development But it is expected to be active.

Can It Run VR? VRScore ™ Tells It | Crytek

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