Game developed with Unity on browser without plug-in can operate

With the technology of WebGL and asm.js, Mozilla and Unity announced that it will be possible to run games developed with Unity on the browser without special plug-in.

Mozilla and Unity Bring Unity Game Engine to WebGL | The Mozilla Blog

Unity is a tool compatible with game development of a wide range of platforms such as Windows · Mac OS X · Web browser · Flash player · iPhone · iPad · Android · Wii · Wii U · PS 3 · Xbox 360 and so on, in 2005 the game corresponding to OS X It was born as a development tool. Today, more than 1 million developers use this tool to develop games and have gained great support globally. You can create games for multiple platforms from one source, even with the free version you can take advantage of quite a wide range of functions, even a paid version of Unity Pro is affordable and affordable game development tool.

In order to make the game developed with such Unity work on the web browser, it is necessary to install a dedicated plug-in for now, and if you do not have the dedicated plug-in, you are urged to install like this.

However, with the WebGL add-on that allows Unity to run on a browser without a dedicated plug-in, millions of Unity developers seem to be able to publish their own content directly on the web .

The following movie contains a state where the game developed by Unity is running on Firefox at almost the same speed as when a special plug-in was needed.

Unity WebGL trailer - YouTube

DEAD TRIGGER 2It works crisply though.

Of course it also supports 2D games.

Vlad Vukicevic, inventor of WebGL and Mr. Mozilla, who is engineering director of Mozilla said, "Unity is one of the most innovative companies in game enterprises, but with such inclination to WebGL and asm.js, Mozilla It will become a strong ally to realize the future image of "plug-in free web environment" of "Comment". In addition, "We believe that WebGL and asm.js will drive web games," Ralph Hauwert, senior developer of Unity, also said.

Also, "There was a question that game developers frequently ask us," When does Unity support WebGL and asm.js? ", Mozilla's game platform strategist Martin Mr. Best said, "Unity's support for WebGL and asm.js" which was strongly requested from now on seems to have finally come true.

"Unity developers will be pleased that the content they created will work easily on browsers that support the latest WebGL (among others, Firefox optimized for asm.js is the best) "Mozilla is on the official blog.

The following movies were held in San FranciscoGame Developers ConferenceGame developed at Unity exhibited at GDC. So these games will be able to run on the browser without any plug-in.

Unity GDC 2014 Game Showreel - YouTube

Unity's WebGL add-on was said to be usable with the release of Unity 5.0, but that Unity 5.0 has started accepting reservations from March 19, 2014.

Unity - Unity 5 reservation start!

There is also an item about WebGL in function introduction, and it will be able to implement WebGL with one click.

The functional features of the latest Unity 5.0 can be seen in the following movies.

Unity 5 Feature Preview - YouTube

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