YouTube · SoundCloud · Automatic analysis of music files to display code "Chordify"

When watching a music movie on YouTube, suddenly "I would like to play this song ... ..." When you think of an instrument store, bookstore,Score printing serviceIt is necessary to purchase with, etc., it takes time to purchase. In such a case, you can paste the YouTube · SoundCloud URL just to create a free service that generates code "Chordify"is. It is also possible to load MP3 / MP4 files on hand so I tried it.

Tune into Chords - Chordify

Just put the YouTube URL in the second row of the window on the left side of the top page and click on it.

Soon afterwards the code was automatically generated for this feeling. When the play button in the red frame is pressed ......

Black box along with the video flows to the right, you can see that the code suitable for the sound of the movie is displayed.

If Am (A minor) sounds in the movie, the code is displayed correctly.

C Major is ringing, but you can also enter another code. Although it is not "perfect", it is convenient to know the chord progression with some degree of accuracy, although it is free.

When watching another movie click "×" on the left side of the screen.

Next is not a guitar practice video ... ...

Hatune Miku "14 models" and collaboration movie of BUMP OF CHICKENWhen I put in the URL of the YouTube video of, it showed a fairly accurate code.

Also, Chordify also supports SoundCloud's URL, so you can open the page of the song you want to know about the code and copy the URL. Attention is necessary as it can not be automatically generated for URLs such as list pages.

Like YouTube paste it on the second row of the window and click "CHORDIFY!"

It will be displayed in a moment as soon as possible, but sometimes it takes about 1 minute to load.

There is no movie when loading SoundCloud, but the code was successfully generated automatically. There is a limit of 10 minutes for automatic generation from YouTube · SoundCloud URL.

Chordify will ask you to create an account to import MP3 / MP4 music files. Click "create account" in the upper right of the screen to create it.

After entering necessary information, click "CREATE ACCOUNT".

I got an account and I can read the file, so click on the first row of the music window.

Then you are prompted to browse the file, so select the music file you want to generate the code from the folder containing the music file.

Since music files that can be read for free are as small as 10 MB, if the capacity is over, it will be displayed as follows.

When you display a file of 10 MB or less, it looks like this.

A button for adjusting the playback function of the code and speed is placed next to the playback button, but you can not use anything other than the premium members charged.

Favorites and title rename functions on the right end are also unavailable for free.

"Download" above it seemed to be usable, so click on ... ...

PDF and MIDI of automatically generated code was 0.5 euro (about 70 yen). Diagram is free so download it ......

With this feeling I got the PDF of the piano code table. In addition, the code table of guitar ukulele is downloaded at the same time. People who say "I do not know how to play the instrument ..." can also practice by watching this and looking at the automatically generated code.

You can also check the same on the browser by clicking "diagram" next to Chordify's page download.

When you click "Library" at the upper left of the screen, the history which was automatically generated up to now and the automatically generated songs of popularity are displayed.

From "premium" you can check the contents of the pay plan. Paid Premium can save up to 100 songs, the maximum time that can be generated automatically is 20 minutes, the maximum capacity of music files that can be read is 30 MB, and PDF / MIDI of the generated code can get up to 25 files per month. Monthly fee is 5.99 euro (about 847 yen), and a one year discount is applied at 49.99 euro (about 7070 yen).

Although the code of automatic generation is slightly misaligned, and the code is sometimes missing in the band sound etc. with many instruments, all the basic functions can be used for free, so you can enjoy it once you try must.

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