I tried two canned foods such as 'Chicken and Indian curry butter chicken' which can taste authentic taste with canned food

Canned curry manufactured in Thailand "Thai Curry of Inanabe" is a product that you can enjoy authentic taste while it is low price of 100 yen range, there are various kinds such as "Chicken and Thai Curry", "Tuna and Thai Curry" , As a new product from the end of 2013 "Chicken and Indian curry butter chicken"When"Tuna and coconut milk soup taitomuka styleI noticed that it was added, so I ordered and tried it.

Chicken and Indian Curry Butter Chicken | Inaba Food Co., Ltd.

Tuna and coconut milk soup | Inaba Food Co., Ltd.

"Chicken and Indian curry butter chicken" and "Tuna and coconut milk soup taitomuka style" bought in a box.

When opening the box, 12 canned foods are lined up ... ...

12 cans are also packed in the lower stage, totaling 24 pieces each.

The can of "Chicken and Indian curry butter chicken" is based on yellow.

It is a curry of butter chicken flavor familiar in northern India, chemical seasoning is not used.

"It's an authentic Indian curry that you can enjoy rich in butter."

Raw materials such as chicken, coconut milk, onion, tomato paste, curry paste, butter, red pepper etc.

Hold the tab and open it.

Curry is not perfectly liquid, it is about midway between solid.

It is like this when transferred to a plate. Equipment is quite large.

Since the warming time of curry is not specified in particular, it is to warm moderately by the range.

When it gets warm, oil and so on are melted and drooled into a liquid state.

When I try to eat it, contrary to the appearance of red, pungent taste is not intense, it feels good tomato acidity and butter richness It is easier to eat, while Japanese curry shop can not taste like spice and herb like taste It feels, especially the flavor which seems to be derived from coriander is intensified. Chicken was cooked with leather, and the taste of curry was stained well.

The taste is impregnated well on onion and you can enjoy sweet taste. Spicy, if it is a curry which is on the market, it is within the range of sweet mouth to medium spicy, so if you are a person seeking spicy you may feel unsatisfactory.

I am going to eat it with Nan · rice.

The combination of the taste of butter chicken and the mouthfeel made with Nan is good. It is a bit hurdle to make Nan at home,Frozen NanThere are also supermarkets and so on, so it may not be bad to buy.

Of course, compatibility is outstanding even if you eat with rice as usual.

"Tuna and coconut milk soup taitomuka style" cans are based on white and yellow design.

Tom Car's "Tom" is Thai in the sense of "boil", and what is a carCounty"Thai style soup that made acidic and pungent to coconut milk".

"When you put it in a cold place, oil and fats of coconut milk solidify, so please enjoy with warm water."

Raw materials are coconut milk · bonito · mid-roll ·Garangal· Lemongrass · Feeding leaves · Chilli · Seasoning (amino acid) · Lime oil flavor can be confirmed. Some spices and vegetables that can be harvested in Thailand will be caught in the quarantine when importing, so it seems that it is possible to offer full-fledged tastes that are not readily available in Japan by inexpensive processing by canning them locally.

The structure of the can is the same as chicken and Indian curry butter chicken.

When you open the can you smell a unique spice smell. It is liquid compared to chicken and indian curry butter chicken, but ...

At the bottom, coconut oils and fats seemed to be solidified.

When I tried to warm up, the fat and oil that had solidified dissolved in the soup.

When I try sipping the soup, although it is sour, contrary to the white appearance, it is quite painful, and the pungent taste spreads slowly to the mouth. Coconut oil is the most widely used raw material, but the mellow taste of coconut is not felt so much, I strongly feel the taste of complex spices. Tuna still has umami, it feels good with soup.

In ordinary home cooking, leaves of goby oranges that do not use first are included, but they can be eaten with less discomfort.

Good compatibility with rice. It seems to be good if you eat it like summer when your appetite is not good.

Chicken and Indian curry butter chicken in 24 cans in Amazon3471 yen including tax· Tuna and coconut milk soup with tightomuka style3402 yen including tax. It is recommended for people who like authentic ethnic curry or ethnic dishes.

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