"Blocker Corps Machine Blaster" that can block people gathered at Togetter all at once

Although you may be hurt by people who make offensive speeches at times when you are doing Twitter, pre-reading those who do not want to engage in advance and registering them in the black list,Hiroshi SatoThe net service developed by Mr.Blocker Corps Machine Blaster"is. To aimTogetterJust by entering the summary URL, you can list people who are grouped in the URL page · people who are commenting, you can block them all at once, or select them and block them.

Blocker Corps Machine Blaster

To use the service, first click on "Sign in with Twitter and start it" on the top page.

Enter Twitter ID and password and click "Authenticate linked applications".

As the following page appears, enter the URL of the target Togetter in the text field and click "Get user list".

After a while, the list of people who are summarized on the input URL page · people who are commenting are displayed blurredly.

Since each check can be removed, we will uncheck the person who does not block.

Click "Block" at the bottom of the page.

As you are asked "Do you really want to block?" Click "OK".

This completes the work. The text "Blocked ......" is displayed below the text field.

When processing is finished, the message "People blocked with this tool!" Appeared. The total number of blocks is also displayed next to the Twitter icon in the upper right of the screen.

In addition, it seems that the neta origin of the service name is probably below.

Blocker For Machine Blaster

Blocker Corps IV Machine Blaster - Wikipedia

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