Google acquired Green Throttle Games and is aiming to enter the home game machine market

Make it possible to play Arenda game platform application for Android and games distributed with this application with controllerAtlas ControllerWas developingGreen Throttle GamesGoogle acquired itPandoDailyIt reports.

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Green Throttle Games was founded by Mr. Charles Huang, Mr. Matt Crowley, Karl Townsend at the end of 2012 and is a leading venture capital firm in the United StatesTrinity VenturesWhenDCMIt was a company that looked promising for the future as it received an investment of about 6 million dollars (about 620 million yen). Mr. Huang, one of the founders, is a popular music gameGuitar HeroMr. Crowley and Mr. Townsend were also involved in the development ofPalm PilotIt was a person who was involved in the initial stage of development.

Green Throttle Games has been suddenly stopped from around November 2013, when the game platform application Arena has been removed from Google Play. There is no detailed explanation about this,Official siteIt was written only a few words of "Thank you." And some explanation. As a result, dissatisfied comments from users who purchased Atlas Controller and enjoyed Arena's gamesFacebook PageIt is overflowing.

According to PandoDaily, Google spokesperson has not revealed what conditions he bought Green Throttle Games, but it certainly was an acquisition. Through this acquisition, he is the founder of Green Throttle GamesMr. CrowleyWhenMr. TownsendWill join Google's development team and Mr. Huang will retain the business rights of Green Throttle Games.


So farGoogle enters the home-use stationary game machine marketThere was a rumor that it is trying to rumor that it is trying to acquire Green Throttle Games to strengthen Atlas Controller 's Bluetooth connection function and introduce it to its own terminal, PandoDaily wrote.

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