It turns out that the earthquake occurred frequently in Oklahoma province was induced by the hand of man

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In the state of Oklahoma located in the south central part of the United States, a major earthquake occurred in November 2011 that recorded a magnitude of 5.6. In the Oklahoma state that had not been attacked by a big earthquake until then, many earthquakes started to occur at the same time, but most of them are injecting wastewater into the bedrock in the deep undergroundFracturingA survey report was announced to assume that the construction method called "hydraulic crushing" was originally caused.

Controversies - U.S. Geological Survey Calls Oklahoma Quake the Largest "Human-Induced" Earthquake on Record - AllGov - News

Mainly in USAHydrologyYaGeologyWe are conducting research and research on fields such asAmerican Geological SurveyIn the report released by artificially inducing stress on rock mass and crushing fracture, stress is accumulated in the ground due to the pressure, by releasing the accumulated energy by the earthquake that occurred in another place It is pointed out that it causes even bigger earthquakes.

In the case in Oklahoma, we conclude that the magnitude 5 earthquake that occurred on November 5, 2011 triggered and on the next day November 6 it caused an earthquake of magnitude 5.6, which is larger than that. Elizabeth Cochran, a seismologist and a member of the research team, said that the observation that the artificially generated earthquake triggered subsequent earthquakes and even possibly caused a bigger earthquake than at the beginning, It will be an important indicator in reducing the risk of earthquakes caused by fracturing. "

The following pictures show the distribution of earthquakes around November 5, 2011. From the red circle showing the magnitude 2.2, the earthquake occurrence place is indicated by a purple circle showing the magnitude 5.6.


Fracturing is a technique of digging a hole in the ground and crushing the rock by injecting high pressure water. In recent years,shale gasIt is also used as a technology to extract. In addition to the purpose of extracting underground resources, it may be used for confining contaminated wastewater and waste in a stable bedrock layer in the ground.

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This is not the first survey to point out the causal relationship between fracturing and the earthquake, but in 2013 Professor Katie Keranen of the University of Oklahoma discovered a trace connecting the hole (well) formed by fracturing with the causal relationship of the earthquake It announces. In this announcement it has become more connected with the cause-and-effect relationship with the earthquake and it may also affect the energy policy of the US looking as shale gas as one of the important resources Hmm.

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