Who is the person who is receiving coverage as a Bitcoin inventor "Tetsushige Nakamoto"?

Bankruptcy of Mt.GoxBy the virtual currency "Bitcoin (bit coin)"Attracts the attention of the public, but the mysterious person who is the inventor of bit coin"Tetsushi NakamotoWho the hell are you? The riddle to solve the mystery is increasingly becoming more and more popular. Meanwhile, the most promising candidate of Tetsushi Nakamoto has been discovered and is currently undergoing coverage attacks. The real name of this person is "Nakamoto Satoshi".

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Who is Nakamoto Tetsushi is the biggest mystery of bit coin, searching for Satoshi around the world is being done, and even if only in the United States a plurality of people whose real name is "Nakamoto Satoshi" are "a bit coin inventor" I have raised my name. However, in the absence of evidence that most of the persons would lead to bit coins, I knew that only one person had a background that greatly links to bit coins.

This person was Dorian · S · Nakamoto, and according to the naturalized person list filed in the District Court of Los Angeles in 1973, in July 1949, in Oita prefecture · Beppu Oita prefecture, the eldest son of Mr. Akiko (now 93 years old) Birth as. After my parents divorced, I moved to California with my mother and younger brother in 1959, graduated from California State Institute of Technology at the age of 23, and then changed my real name from Nakamoto Satoshi to "Dorian · S · Nakamoto" at that time about. Since then, for over 40 years, the name Nakamoto Satoshi was sealed, but it seems to have appeared again in the world with bit coin.

NewsweekSince discovering the existence of "Dorian · S · Nakamoto", Mr. Magrath · Goodman investigated Mr. Nakamoto for two months and was involved in his brothers and children, ex-coworkers, former colleagues As a result of interviewing programmers, I was convinced that Mr. Nakamoto is Bitcoin's "Tetsushige Nakamoto".

According to the interview, Mr. Nakamoto currently lives in Los Angeles, California and it is unknown whether he is in regular position. However, after graduating from college, I worked as an engineer at an aviation affiliate Hughes Aircraft in southern California, worked as a technician, left the Hughes aircraft, moved to the east coast, hired a job at Radio Corporation in New Jersey I met her second wife Grace Mitchell and got married. Also, we have delivered defense equipment to the governmentL-3 CommunicationsMr. Nakamoto and Military / Government aircraft and warships have been done from Mr. David Mihya, but I got the answer that I can not speak because it is confidential information about details ".

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According to Mr. Mitchell, a wife who is currently living separately from Mr. Nakamoto, who was dismissed twice in the 1990's, at that time taxes There seems to have been the seizure of the house which had been put in mortgage due to delinquency. Also Mr. Nakamoto's eldest daughter Eileen says that Mr. Nakamoto did not have a good impression on government and banks.

Mr. Goodman initially attempted to make contact by sending an e-mail about the model of the railroad, Mr. Nakamoto's hobby. Regarding the railroad model, Mr. Nakamoto is extremely talkative, he has experiences of learning mathematics and physics, he is collecting model parts from Japan and the UK, and calls himself "otaku" Although he was talking about hotly, etc., as soon as Mr. Goodman talked about bit coin, the mail did not return.

So Goodman hit Nakamoto's home directly and asked for comments. As a result of two policemen rushed to ask Goodagan, "Why do you want to ask him?" Asking Mr. Goodman asking about the riot with Mr. Nakamoto who refused comment, "I would like to hear about bit coin. Nakamoto Tetsushige ", the policeman said," What!? This man is the creator of a bit coin? As I saw it, I seem to be living a humble life ... but I was surprised. " During the interaction with the police officers, Mr. Nakamoto's appearance of rejecting the question while staying flat is very impressive.

Mr. Nakamoto's home.

Although the direct interview was Mr. Goodman who was refused, after admitting that Mr. Nakamoto was involved in the bit coin project from the police officer, "Since we are not related anymore, we can not discuss it, bit coin is my I heard that I told you that I left my hand.

Mr. Goodman also interviewed a programmer who participated in the bit coin community at the beginning of bit coin, and from there he is investigating the character image of Tetsushi Nakamoto. One of them, Australian Gavin Andrsen was involved in refining the bit coin program code by spending 40 hours a week for about a year before bit coins were released to the public. Mr. Andrsen who had contact with Tomofumi Nakamoto at that time was Mr. Andrsen, but from that time on, Tetsushi Nakamoto seemed desperate to defend his anonymity, so that name, origin, profession, history of the past etc We did not clarify the information of the conversation, but the conversation was made only through the program code.

Mr. Andrsen seems to have received the impression that Tetsushi Nakamoto is trying to make bit coins for political reasons, "Tetsushi Nakamoto said," Financial institutions such as banks today have wealth by holding "keys" I did not like the financial system I am looking for and I wanted to create a more equal system. " Mr. Andrsen who has possessed bit coins seems to have earned a return of 800 dollars (about 82,000 yen) from the investment of 1 cents (about 1 yen), about that, "insane He said that he leaked his impression.

Goodman is Newsweek "The Face Behind BitcoinBy reporting that "Tetsushi Nakamoto is Mr. Nakamoto" in an article called "The identity of the creator of bit coin", Nakamoto got killed for the newsmen.

BuzzFeedThe situation of Ms. Nakamoto taken by the following movie.

The coverage offense was incandescent, and Nakamoto, who runs away at the Prius of a car of his own, and a car chase of the coverage were spreading, eventually Nakamoto denied the connection with bit coin.

Nakamoto denied the connection with the bit coin, but the interview coverage is not going to fit for a while. In response to such a situation,Bitcoinfoundation.org"Tetsushi Nakamoto, who produced bit coins, is a great person, but bit coins do not require the existence of a leader because of its mechanism.Everyone who has a bit coin is all (a leader of) a bit coin Content ofAnnounced a statementdoing.

According to Mr. Goodman's survey, Nakamoto's bit coin is estimated to be about 400 million dollars (about 41 billion yen) even if estimated roughly. From the trend of Mr. Nakamoto for a while it is undoubtedly no doubt that we can keep an eye on.

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As the big uproar is rolling,P2P foundationTetsushi Nakamoto admits to. I left a comment "I am not Dorian Nakamoto". The appearance of Tetsushi Nakamoto is the first time in 3 years.

Is Tomofumi Nakamoto really a different person than Mr. Nakamoto? The mystery is deepening.

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Mr. Dorian · S · Nakamoto announced a statement denying its involvement.

A person who was regarded as "Nakamoto Satoshi" in the whirlpool announces a statement denying involvement - GIGAZINE

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