Selection to not give up Japan because it is Japanese

A Japanese passport that can not be thrown away even saying "Please get through cramped Japan". Just saying a complaint that "Because Japanese are this" and "I do not like this place in Japan" does not change anything. That is why it is not important what you do.

Hello,Around the World Bicycle WorldIt is Takuya Sudo @ Chaliderman. Because I am a traveler, I feel the weight of Japan's passport in countries where Visa is unnecessary. Even if you need a visa if you are a Korean, some countries do not need it if you are a Japanese. And I can travel overseas for 6 years in total as well because there are people who support Japan, so when I finish my journey I would like to go to support.

About criticism of overseas residents in Japan
Under such circumstances, the following articles were talked about on the Internet.

Japan seen by Hanako Urashima | Junko Okubo

Writing as a 30-year-old young female researcher who cried all night long, there seems to be only Gossip newspaper in Japan - WirelessWire News (Wireless Wire News)

why? Reason why overseas mother says "Japan's child rearing is ten times harder than overseas"

America, UK, France are from JapanBad securityis. But in JapanSuicide rateIt is high. As each country has its own problems, is it only himself who is puzzled by the claim of "overseas ~"?

In any case, it is the work of the Japanese who lives in Japan to make Japan, and you have to figure out what you need. Rather than "Overseas are like this", a solid reason is important. I am also thinking that I would like the culture of 'helmet on bicycle' centered around Europe, also spread to Japan. Even when it comes to accidents, I lose my life, and since I myself fell overseas and wore a helmet, I was stunned by striking my head strongly .... However, since Japan is Japan, anything that I can do is only a proposal.

In the town of Denmark I did not see a wire and I felt the blue sky nearby.

The policies of Switzerland are decided by referendum.

Is overseas a country of dreams
I long for Germany. Famous manufacturers are also active in bicycle relations in the same technology nation as Japan. Such expectations blew away the bad manners of the capital Berlin. That was it.

Littering of cigarettes.

This bus stop is also here.

Graffiti on the wall.

There is no country without problems. People in Northern European Norway with high living standards are getting angry with the bad manners of traffic. A friend from Switzerland complained about the driving manners of the Frenchman.

Graffiti even in Belgium.

Even in tougher Europe in child pornography, pornography is at a place to reach the hands of children. It is also one of the downtown streets of Brussels in the capital city of Belgium.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is legal if marijuana is a specific place. In spite of someone who smokes at the hostel's dormitory, I do not like marijuana.

The Spanish recycling box seemed to crack because it had a height when the bottle was put in.

A newspaper reporting a shooting incident that occurred while staying in America. I was more comfortable in America than anywhere but I was always conscious of having a gun.

◆ Being a Japanese
I was told free from my parents that only "high school graduates" and "not to bother human beings" are told. I graduated from high school and bicycled me around Japan and jumped around the world from 22 years old so I do not feel Japan is cramped. Even if there is something wrong, it is my own responsibility. In the first place, becoming an adult is free to do anything, I feel that Japan is not a bad thing but a way of life. Where will the passport go when you jumped overseas because Japan is cramped?

I was around 18 at the age of 18.

The dream of circling the bicycle world is also 30 years old and the last resort.

I think that if the living people change, that country will change. AfricanRwandaAnd Central AmericaPanamaThe effort to raise the country was wonderful. That's why even people in any country do not want me to give up on my country.

It is the same for Japan. It's up to you whether you will be the only person who complains or you are dissatisfied because you are dissatisfied with choosing to become a person who will try to change, but because I am a Japanese person, I do not want to give up Japan. I am a myself playing around the world by bicycle, but I believe there is something I can do. I tried to write such an article because I tried to see a lot of voices saying "Japan is not good" in the criticism mentioned above. If anyone is Japanese, I would like to make Japan together.

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