A movie claiming Facebook advertisement is a fraud surpassed 900,000 play on YouTube

Facebook PageThere is an icon "Advertise Post". If you click on this item and you pay money to Facebook, you can make the page appear in ad targeted feeds, so this feature seems to be used often for marketing activities such as companies and celebrities. Such Facebook advertisement, "Facebook Fraud (fraud)A movie that claims to be uploaded to YouTube, and the number of plays has exceeded 900,000 playback.

The advertisement function of the Facebook page is as follows, just by holding the mouse cursor over the button, it is displayed

And the movie of the problem whose explosive play count is below.

Facebook Fraud - YouTube

VirtualBagelIs a popular Facebook page that gathers nearly 4000 "likes!"

This pageRory Cellan-Jones, BBC's technical engineering correspondentOn Facebook, on the page we created in 2012 to explore "What kind of element will" likes! "Gather" on the Facebook page, he will use this page to collect "Like"! He seems to have found a valid method and an unfair method.

The illegal way is to buy "Like" on a site like BoostLikes.com and you can get 1000 "likes" by paying $ 70 (about 7200 yen).

These services seem to have hired low-wage workers such as India, the Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc. and click "Like"! The workers took 1000 times "Like!" It seems that you earn 1 dollar (about 100 yen) revenue by clicking. Facebook seems familiar with the fact that these acts are being done, so now trading "Like" is prohibited.

In lieu of these illegal methods, Cellan-Jones recommends the method of collecting "Like" by gathering money on Facebook and advertising the page as a "legitimate way". In this way posts will be displayed frequently on accounts that are likely to click "Like"! VirtualBagel actually said that he gathered nearly 4000 "Like Like" in this way, and Cellan-Jones running the page paid Facebook $ 100 (about 10,000 yen) for this publicity I am writing it.

Cellan - Jones seems to have advertised VirtualBagel not only for developed countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States but also for people in countries such as Egypt, Indonesia, the Philippines, and as a result, VirtualBagel has been offering advertisements of countries such as Egypt, Indonesia, Philippines You will get a lot of "Like" from your account. The speed of increase of "Like" is tremendous, it seems that more than 1,600 "Like" has been clicked from accounts in developing countries in just one day.

However, Veritasium insists that accounts that "liked" VirtualBagel's page are suspicious. For example, one of the users who likes "Like VirtualBagel" is a person named "Ahmed Ronaldo" residing in Cairo. In his accountCristiano Ronaldo(Cristiano Ronaldo) are frequently used, and he seems to have done "Like" on over 3000 Facebook pages. Whether these accounts are accounts operated by ordinary users is quite doubtful.

In addition, Veritasium himself who produced the movie says he has experienced "Facebook fraud". A few years ago, he received an e-mail from Facebook saying "Do not give advertisements equivalent to $ 50 for free?"

At this time Veritasium's page had about 2,000 "Like"! So it seems that I tried this advertisement. The page's "Like" number increases by about 1000 per day, after a few months more than 70 thousand "likes" gathered, almost the same as the number of users who have registered Veritasium's YouTube channel Hey! "Gathered. However, compared to the time when "Like" was only 2000, Facebook user's response to Facebook post did not change, it gradually became worse. At that time, it seems I did not know why the influx into the YouTube movie did not increase, but "I like you" that I got by Facebook advertisement now thinking was not really from people who are interested in Veritasium Body, and the operator of Veritasium says.

I noticed Veritasium 's "Like" from dubious accounts is increasing, saying that the behavior was quite different between the fake account and the real account.

This circle is a summary of accounts that "like" the Veritasium's Facebook page by country, the size of the circle indicates the number of accounts, which indicates the total number of "likes" from Canada It is.

The big circle under it is "Like" from the USA!

The percentage displayed under the circle represents how much the account of each country is "likes", comments, sharing, etc for Veritasium's post, and accounts of Western countries account for average Then it responds to the post at a rate of 25 to 35%.

On the other hand, accounts in countries such as Egypt, India, the Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal and Sri Lanka are hardly responsive to the post. Veritasium says these accounts are the accounts you've liked after advertising your Facebook page and were 'bad existence not only useless'.

Just increasing 'Like' has no effect, which is related to Facebook's post-delivery method. When a Facebook page posts something, Facebook posts this post as part of the account that "likes" that page. And when the user reacts to this post like "Like!", Comments, sharing etc., the post will spread to a wider range of users.

If you have a "Like" on Facebook page, but there are an increasing number of "fake accounts" that do not respond at all to posts, the probability that posts will reach even real accounts that do "Like" This reduces the opportunity to get to know about updating web pages through Facebook. To make matters worse, there is no way to delete "Like" from "fake account".

You might think that it would be good to exclude countries with many "fake accounts" and advertise, but the "likes" gotten with it may cost as much as 25 cents (about 26 yen) per one , Veritasium says that most of the accounts that did "Like" was a dubious account like "I like Jeeps, Lexus, Benz and Volvo!" Or "I like kitchen scrubs!" . And it seems that these accounts did not respond firmly to the post.

For these reasons, Veritasium insists that advertising Facebook pages is a waste of money. Although Veritasium says that Facebook wants to delete these "fake accounts", Veritasium says, "Deleting these accounts means that you created a" fake account "for ad revenue on Facebook It is something that you can appreciate yourself, so it will not be such a thing ".

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