"Hey, is Bill Gates but do you have any questions?" All the questions and answers that the principal came down and responded one after another


It is a story board that provides online news and funny articlesRedditToAMA(Ask Me Anything: Do you have any questions?), There are many famous peoplePresident ObamaI am answering the question from the net user. Microsoft 's Bill Gates president had previously carried out AMA, but in February we implemented our second AMA, and from personal point of viewBill & Melinda Gates Foundation, And newly became the CEO of MicrosoftSatya NaderaMr. and the futureMicrosoftI got questions such as about.

Hello Reddit - I'm Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Microsoft founder. Ask me anything.: IAmA

◆ 01: What has changed from myself 20 years ago?

A 01:
Twenty years ago I thought that it was full of energy and was straight as I did not think about anything even in the office all day. I hope that as soon as 20 years I hopefully will grow even more then that wisdom has increased.

◆ 02: Is there anything else that others think of as "being such a thing" by being a hobby?

A 02:
It's a bit old, but I like to play bridges with playing cards. I like watching my daughter ride a horse. Also, I also like to wash dishes. I usually think that it is based on "volunteer spirit", but I like it and I am washing my way from myself.

Investor Warren Buffett (left) and Mr. Gates (right)

ByEthan Bloch

◆ 03: You will be the modelrole modelWhat kind of person is it?

A 03:
A person who devotes his life and does his best for poor countries. I usually do not see it much, but I have met some people like that before.

◆ 04: What do you want to accomplish in the past year ... and what can be some help?

Wow, that's a good question. I expect that discussions will be raised about measures to support the improvement of teachers' abilities. The current discussion has been over all the time between rural areas and the nation, and "whether to carry out the test". In politics, I think it is necessary to tackle the problems that you face rather than hit opposing parties. In Asian countries, we have provided support to such teachers and have made great achievements.

◆ 05: Are you doing artificial longevity measures?

No, I have never done it. I think that there are also people who want to live a little longer, but I do not think I want to lengthen the lifespan of the last few years.

◆ 06: If you did not jump into the computer world and you did not have Microsoft, what do you think it was supposed to be now?

It is legal or mathematician. My father was a lawyer. But if you were not involved in computer science, you might have been on physics.

◆ 07: Example ofNext Generation CondomsIs the project going well?

This is a delicate topic. The fact that the project is based is that there is a fact that "men do not want to use condoms", and I believe that if we can eliminate it, we can lower the infection rate of HIV. Although it is still ongoing projects, it can be said that using carbon nanotubes to achieve thinness is certain.

The Bill · Gates Foundation embarks on the production of next generation condom and installation aid equipment - GIGAZINE

◆ 08: Although it will be a slightly harsh question, which of the cases did not go wrong in your own philanthropy project? The lesson will be a great lesson for me, and those who are passionate about giving to the people I need, I think.

It can be said that many failures have evolved science. I guess the project that I thought the government would take over later was stopped without actually being taken over. I experienced it at the time of the "school lunch program". If I had not left it to others, I think I was doing better.

◆ 09: Steve Jobs isAshton KutcherIt played. Who would you like Bill Gates to play?

Samuel L. Jackson.

Samuel L. Jackson

◆ 10: If you were a student studying computer science now, which field would you like to enter?

It is a computer with the ability to learn. So-called"Deep learning"Has grown greatly in recent years, and the video / speech recognition technology has improved dramatically.

◆ 11: What is the biggest obstacle that developing countries must solve?

I believe that it is the greatest tragedy that many children will not be fed and will die before they show their physical and mental abilities. Support for vaccines and food is required, and although we are doing the work, we can not help but say that it is not enough. The biggest enemy iscynicism(Cynicism).

BySuzie Katz

◆ 12: What do you think about the trend of 'anti-vaccine' spreading to society?

In any society, I feel the rumors and beliefs worse than the efficacy of the vaccine are walking alone. When this spreads, I think that it is a bad trend because children who die in "measles" or "pertussis" will increase.

◆ 13:AMA campaign movieLooking atChristopher WalkenHow do you talk and I'm sorry, is it a monomane?

I think Christopher Walken is a great actor, but I am not a man who did manage with Waza!

The movie that Christopher Walken is talking about below. It certainly sounds like the tones of the voice resemble each other.

Christopher Walken reads the 3 Little Pigs (funny!) - YouTube

◆ 14: About TeraPowerNow youTeraPower(TerraPower) calledGeneration by next generation nuclear reactorIn order to promote the diffusion of low carbon energy. Among them, what obstacles must be overcome?

A modern society needs a low cost and reliable energy source. Many renewable energy is required high cost. We believe nuclear energy production can solve this problem if safety, cost, and waste problems are solved. TeraPower can realize this problem and we are already discussing with some countries about introduction. TeraPower is a "fourth generation" nuclear reactor, using depleted uranium as a fuel.


◆ 15: Could you tell me the new role at Microsoft?

We are looking forward to how cloud technology and new devices will help people in the future to communicate and collaborate. The OS is not mounted on only one device, information is no longer limited to "file". I think that it will be like your "history", like a child growing process, that you can look back with memories later.Satya Nadera who took on the new CEOI was very pleased when I told him that Microsoft would like to lend power to keep motivating innovation. Even software like Office still has plenty to do.

◆ 16: What kind of smartphone or tablet do you use?

I use Surface 2 PRO. I like it very much.

Surface Pro 2 - Take everything with one unit Microsoft tablet

◆ 17: Do you think that along with education issues, what challenges must America address?

I believe education is top priority as I feel that American education is not going well as compared with other countries. Next is an immigration problem. The current system is becoming too unfair.

◆ 18: How far is it going on until the eradication of polio?

It has come to a considerable extent, and cases have not been reported in India 3 years ago. In Pakistan there is a problem, vaccines are not accepted in the areas where the Taliban's forces are spreading, and the doctor who administers the vaccine sometimes becomes the target of attack. However, I think that it will surely go because everyone thinks that their child does not desire to live on infectious diseases.

◆ 19: Do you advise current entrepreneurs about the balance between business and philanthropy? Should I go to the side of giving it since I succeed in business first?

Even making innovative companies can contribute to the world. I was always concentrating on that when I was in my twenties and thirties. Now a young generation like Mark Zuckerberg has embarked on charity projects since I was younger than me.

◆ 20: What is "the most expensive and sinful pleasure" so far?

A 20:
I wonder if you own an airplane. Warren Buffett also owns an airplane, and its aircraft "Indefensible(No room for explanation) ". I need to go around the world with the work of the Gates Foundation so it will not work without a private jet.

ByAndrew W. Sieber

♦ 21: Do you have money advice for people whose annual salary is less than 100,000 dollars (about 10 million yen)?

To spend money on education on yourself.

◆ 22: Mr. Gates, can you still do this?

Jumping over a chair like a gangster (Bill Gates) - YouTube

No, it's impossible. Even now I can do jumping, but I can not do jumping over the full size garbage bucket as in the past. You ought to be careful as it will hurt if you fail.

◆ 23: "List of books to read" you announce every year is very helpful. Are there any recommendations for books I am reading now or in the book I am reading from now?

"Making the Modern World"Or"Made in the USA"Vaclav Smil, the author of the work, has been writing good books, is not it? "To Repair the World"Or"In the Company of the Poor"Paul Farmer's book which wrote is also good. The book I read recently is listed on the following site, so if you can refer to it.

Bill Gates' Bookshelf

◆ 24: Do you like games? What is your favorite game?

I do not do much game, but my son knows what is the coolest game on Xbox. I have played Halo, but I am playing with a sports game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. I am good at javelin throwing!


◆ 25: What is your favorite project among the work done at Microsoft?

I like the Windows work that I was asked for a lot of patience the most. The Office project was also good. These two are the catalysts for the success of Microsoft in the 1990s. We have joined Office and the cloud and have just started off to a great future. There are still many things to do in cloud storage.

◆ 26: I have four questions.(1) What is the difference between Mr. Satoya Nadera who became Microsoft's new CEO and you or Ballmer? (2) According to something I have read, I heard that Microsoft is pressuring a new CEO to stop device business and specialize for enterprise. really? (3) In India where I live, "Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationHe sells drugs made in the USA "is not very well reputed. Do you have any comments? (4) Can I go for fun when I go nearby?

A 26:
Nadeera CEO brought Microsoft a new perspective of its strength and weakness. I think I have a good start. As for the case of the Foundation, many of the medicines used are made in India. Ironically, there are a lot of vaccines produced in India, but there is a reality that they are rarely used in the country. What the Foundation is aiming for is not to make someone rich, but to reduce even a single child who dies of sickness.

As expected it seems that they did not respond to too detailed points, but there are some suggestive answers, which makes me feel that you are the one who built that Microsoft.

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