Google found out to collaborate with Foxconn to develop "worker substitute robot"

ByRob Bulmahn

Google in December 2013Quadruped walking robotTo developAcquired eight robot-related companies including Boston Dynamics, It was obvious that you are planning to enter the robot business, but the details were unknown. Google 's purpose for that robot project is known to manufacture the iPhoneFoxconn, It was discovered that it was to develop "a robot that replaces simple workers" in collaboration with the company.

Foxconn Working With Google on Robotics - Digits - WSJ

The Wall Street Journal is the creator of Android OS and now led the Google robot related project teamAndy RubinMr. Terry · Gow recently talked to Foxconn's CEO Terry · Gow secretly and revealed that he talked about "joint development of Google-made robots to be installed at Foxconn manufacturing factory".

Foxconn is the world's largest manufacturer of many of Apple's iPhone / iPad productsEMSHowever, it is said that the harsh working environment is often a problem, such as employees suicide one after another on the iPhone production line, and it is said that they are struggling to respond to the wage increase in the Chinese factory. For Foxconn, developing a robot that can substitute workers in collaboration with Google and introducing it to the production line can lower wages paid to employees, so it is just a ship over there.

ByGreenpeace Switzerland

Apparently, Google is going to introduce the robot to the production line of electronic equipment etc. first, and it is going to apply it to the automation of the manufacturing process, according to the Wall Street Journal, Google is aiming at retailing like Amazon like that We are also looking into competition with. Amazon already moved around in a huge warehouse all the timeAutomatic robot to pick up goodsWe have introducedUnmanned delivery service using droneWe are developing the application of robot technology to the retail industry, but the Wall Street Journal says Google will cut into the retail sector, which is the area of ​​Amazon in the future, with robot technology It seems to be.

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