A dolphin that was seen near the village proved to be a new species since 1918

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A new kind of dolphin was discovered in Brazil. A new kind of dolphin was discovered for the first time since 1918, but it was discovered that it was not the secret of the Brazilian backdrop but the vicinity of the village, the neighboring residents were not aware of the new species and looked over the dolphins for many years is.

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What was discoveredWild dolphinIt is a new species of dolphin called Brazil, one of the major rivers in Brazil, Araguaia.International Conservation Union for Nature Conservation (IUCN)According to the report, only four species of dolphin have been reported, namely Indian Kawaika, Amazon Kawaika, Youseus koiwa Dolphin, Laplata Kawai Luka, three of which are considered to be extinctRed ListIt is a series of names.

About 1000 kinds of living things are thought to exist in the Araguaia River, but the kali dolphin reported this time is living by taking fish lurking in the mud, so the beak is different from the sea dolphin because it is alive . It is thought that the Amazon Kawaika living in the Amazon River flowing in South America diverged more than 2 million years ago.

Living in South AmericaAmazon king dolphinIs known as a pink dolphin and is also known as "living fossil" because it has the same characteristics as a primitive whale living 35 million years ago and is known as the cleverest creature among river creatures I will.

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I led the researchFederal University of Amazonas (UFAM)Professor Tomas Hrbek said, "The new dolphins are very close to the existing dolphins.This time I was surprised that the new dolphins were often observed by neighboring residents due to their size, but no one better It was a very interesting thing, "he said.

While the number of teeth of other species of kidney dolphins is 25 to 29 in one of the jaws, there are only 24 kokokara dolphins reported, and the research team has reported that dolphin DNA inhabiting both the Amazon River and the Araguaia River As a result of analysis, we confirmed that the two are different species. I came to the conclusion that the Araguaia River dolphin was a new species. However, he said, "There is no way to convince something in science," he told BBC News, "Some researchers can question this conclusion."

According to the research team, Kawai Dol needs something to catch fish in the river so that it is caught by the fishermen's net, but since the fishermen dislikes this, there is a danger of shooting dolphins. Kawai Dolka has a very low genetic diversity, and even after considering that the Araguaa river basin has been developed due to agriculture, livestock industry and dam construction since 1960, it is necessary not to destroy newly discovered new dolphins , Urgent classification and red list entry are required.

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