Creatures that are the origin of the birds who lived in 235 million years ago will be discovered

It seems that creatures discovered in 1950 were announced as being the origin of birds that were inhabited 235 million years ago by Bristol University experts. At first sight it is a look that I think is "a bird" and it is doubtful whether I can really call it the origin of a bird ...

Details are from the following.Scientists discover 'world's first bird' that lived 235 million years ago | Mail Online

It was discovered for the first time in the 1950s. It was discovered by an archaeologist in the UK, but it was not thought to be an organism having flight capability at that time. However, in recent years, it seems that it was found by the experts of Bristol University that it is the creature which becomes the origin of the bird with flight ability. It is regarded as the oldest birdArcheopteryxAnd it was thought that it was inhabited 235 million years ago, earlier than the time when the dinosaur was inhabited.

This is the image of the creature discovered this time. There are wings indeed, but it looks like a lizard rather than a bird.

It seems that he flew from trees to other trees, and he seems to have been able to fly about 9 m on the wind.

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