A bird's head, neck, wing, tail, foot of 100 million years ago is found in amber

In the amber which is a fossil of natural resin, I found the head, neck, wing, tail, leg, etc. of birds who lived the era of 100 million years ago dinosaurs.

A mid-Cretaceous enantiornithine (Aves) hatchling preserved in Burmese amber with unusual plumage

Bird caught in amber 100 million years ago is best ever found | New Scientist

A valuable amber lump a hundred million years ago was discovered in Myanmar, where the head, neck, wing, tail and legs of the young birds that had just hatched fresh remained. It seems that this amber lump was discovered just a few days ago where conifers of coniferous trees in Myanmar gather. Regarding the young birds remaining in the amber, Ryan McKeller who works for the Royal Saskatchewan museum in Regina in Canada says "It is the most complete and detailed thing so far," and it is said that the ancient birds It means that a suitable fossil has been found to infer the appearance.

According to the research which investigated the meat pieces etc of the ancient organisms which remained in the amber in the same way although it seems that the ancient bird's skin and meat are left in the amber, over a long period of time The body has been broken down into carbon, and there are no remaining DNA that can be used.

Also, some of the bird's feathers remain in the amber, and from there we can deduce the color of ancient birds, but Mr. McKeller said that "ancient birds were almost brown" It is.

The corpses of ancient birds remaining in amber are also called 'reverse birds'Enanti ornithesIt is considered to be a friend of. From fossils and ambers that have been discovered in the past, enanti orniths have been thought of as "hatching with feathers to fly", and even looking at the newly discovered amber, it is a young bird I can see that wings are growing firmly though.

Mr. McKeller also speculated that ancient enanti orniths were born on the ground and climbed trees and liked sap. If so, you can understand that we have found part of the body of enanti orniths in amber many times in the past.

Enanti orniths called "reverse birds" have irregularities on the joint surfaces of the shoulder blades and coracoid bones opposite to modern birds, and in addition to wings and claws, besides being beakers, It is believed to have a mouth. However, it seems that the ancestors of modern birds also did not have a beak 100 million years ago. Although it is "beak" which may not have existed 100 million years ago, some of its mysteries are described in the following article about its formation.

From the formation of 'beak' it is also supported that birds are descendants of dinosaurs - GIGAZINE

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