A relatively recent change that occurred in the shape of the human brain greatly developed humanity

Human (current human beings) andNeanderthal peopleThe shape of the head (the shape of the brain) is mentioned as a big difference with the extinct human genus such as. Research results supporting the rapid evolution of brain shape that occurred relatively recently in human history was announced that greatly developed mankind.

The evolution of modern human brain shape | Science Advances

Humans got a brain upgrade less than 200,000 years ago, and it made us what we are today

Humans have high cognitive abilities are thought to be due to the great development of the brain. Contemporary human characteristics of rounded large cerebellum, enhanced parietal lobe, and relatively small face are made up of spherical skulls.

In order to investigate how the evolution of the brain that helped human beings have civilization, in order to investigate how the evolution of the brain occurred, a research team of Dr. Simon Neubauer of the Max-Planck Institute in Germany got together from 300,000 years ago 10,000 years We scanned the skulls of 20 different Homo sapiens up to the previous time in three dimensions and examined the change in shape.

The following are the movies that summarize the research results of Max Planck Institute. Along with the flow of time, we can understand how the brain shape of human genera changed.

The evolution of modern human brain shape - YouTube

Looking at the brain from the side, the elliptical cross section that is long in the fore and aft changes to a circle shape as time passes.

When you look at the brain from the front, you can understand that it changes to a more spherical structure by stretching in the vertical direction and narrowing the width.

The shape and size of the brain that occurred in this person gradually changed, but Dr. Neubauer noticed that the change was suddenly occurring 100,000 years ago. In addition, he found out that it has been in the same shape as humans living in modern times since 35 million years ago. It was also pointed out that this brain shape change overlapped with "the period when human beings began taking modern behavior styles" when viewed from archaeological knowledge, and the shape of the brain and the shape of the brain As a result of shape change, it has reinforced the fact that human civilization has developed greatly.

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