Why do male die before female

According to the new research results, it seems that it is thought that the short cause of male life span is "fierce competition for mating". This is not limited to humans as well as other animals, the life of male is shorter than female, and why male is shorter depends on "physiological desire".

Details of what actions and actions resulted in a shortened lifespan are as follows.Why Males Die Before Females | LiveScience

Researchers Tim Clutton - Brock and Kavita Isvaran of the University of Cambridge in the UK conducted a survey of 20 different vertebrates, with the result that the larger the size of polygamy, the shorter the life span of the male than the female It is said that. According to the researchers, as the competition of male mating increases, the number of matings per male decreases, so male of such species loses strong motivation to evolve to longevity, has a short life span I will explain.

According to Clutton - Brock, humans seem to think that the longevity of men has been shorter than that of women since the late stone age where polygamy was common.

It seems that the era when polygamous polygamy system of mankind was normal was longer than understanding with general feeling.

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