From 2500 years ago active, the nest of the world's oldest white falcon is found

It seems that the oldest bird of prey in the world was discovered in Greenland. In human dwellings even an old house living in the ancestral period lives for hundreds of years at most, but this bird's nest has been used continuously from what BC.

Details are as below.Falcon nest in Greenland is 2,500 - years - old - Telegraph

The one discovered this time is the largest species of FalconaWhite falconIn the nest, besides the nest used from 2500 years ago, nests that have been used for more than 1000 years in three places have been found, and feathers of birds over 600 years ago are confirmed in the nest It is said that.

White sharks live around the Arctic Circle, mostly from white lands with white feathers to Canadian Labrador with the majority black feathers, light-colored, intermediate type, dark type distributed according to the environment I will.

As many of the falcons do, white falcons do not make nests from twigs and so on, they shave a recess in the rockshelf to lay eggs or divert the old nests of other birds such as crows . Every year when the season comes, I visit the same nesting place, and with the year my feathers andguanoI will accumulate.

An avian scholar at Oxford University Kurt Burnham took samples from the rake of the greenland coast and investigated when the birds continued using the same nest from around the time.

"The radiocarbon dating method shows that the oldest nest has been in use from 2360 to 2740 years ago, and it also confirmed a nest that seems to be used three more times for more than 1000 years This is a case that has been used continuously for the longest period of time among birds of prey confirmed nests, "Burnham says.

Three bird feathers that had lived from 13 sampled nests were discovered, it is the newest thing 60 years ago, the oldest one was 670 years ago.

Although these nests are still in use today, it is concerned that in the near future due to global warming the white falcons will have to migrate from this long-history nesting place. Shoroh Falcona is pursuing the prey and moving the hunting range to the north,FalconWe are confronted with competition with other species such as.

Although this discovery is the oldest one as the "nest" that is continuously used by birds of prey, as a "nesting place" of birdsYukidoriFor 34,000 years,Adelie penguinIt is confirmed by the carbon dating that the nesting each year in the same place for 44,000 years.

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