"Gender Swap" that you can experience virtual feeling as if male and female bodies are replaced with each other

In some animations, there is a development that the body is swapped when you meet a heroine 's classmate at the encounter, but with the display where the two people' s opposite sees the visibility of each other, the opposite sex and the body are changed A project that uses neuroscience technology to make an illusion as if "Gender Swap(Sex change) ".

By watching the camera images of each other's view, you can synchronize the movements of each other, touching your own body and touching the opposite body ... ... you can check the mysterious movie from ... below.

Gender Swap - Experiment with The Machine to Be Another on Vimeo

Two users are "immersive display"Oculus Rift"On the head, and each other's display shows the first person viewpoint of the other side.

Both people slowly move their hands to synchronize movement according to the image of the camera. Camera images are delivered wirelessly by Arduino and RF transmitter.

The view of the man on the left is like this. The female thin arms and hands are reflected in the view of a man touching or viewing.

Two other users are stealing their belly slowly. It is said that it is impossible to obtain an illusion effect without breathing each other exactly.

Two men and women who hold hands together.

Even looking at the hands of men carefully and seeing them, even if they move it, the thin woman 's arm moves, so it feels like my own hand.

As you tell your stomach, you realize that your hand is touching your stomach, but because the female hand strokes the stomach of a woman in sight, it feels like the body has changed.

Users who start to take off their shoes. Every pair is a very slow motion, but this may be a trick to sync.

Two people out of underwear with their clothes off.

I stand up and face downward and hold each other's chest. Men can see unfamiliar female breasts, and females have a muscular male body.

When a woman gets almost naked and looks downwards, a hairy, overweight stomach is reflected.

Next we set up a whole body mirror between the two users.

When a man looks at the mirror while raising his hands, it shows the figure of a woman holding both hands of course.

Even though it is the image of the camera, two people who touch their bodies by mysteriously because they see a body of opposite sex when you see their bodies in the mirror.

Removing the mirror, two users are facing each other and aligning their hands. Because I am a familiar person is reflected as others, it seems to be confused rather than an illusion.

Then slide your hands down while facing each other ... ...

Check inside underwear. How did the two people feel together?

"Gender Swap"THE MACHINE TO BE ANOTHERIt was implemented as part of a project to investigate and experiment with extension of sexuality disorder and virtual body with low budget using open source, and it will be utilized for future research. Besides this, we also carry out experiments such as walking people with physical disabilities and virtual experiencing the sense of dancing.

In addition, visual exchange is done in Japan as follows.

Visual exchange 3D - Exchange 3D Views - YouTube

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