A ghost ghost appears in a dark elevator Itazura movie

A movie that I actually tried to talk like a ghost story that an unknown girl was standing behind when thinking that the lighting of the elevator that he normally uses casually suddenly darkened and he healed. A person who is not good at elevator which is originally a closed space is a prank that will never get on the elevator again.

Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil - YouTube

An elevator at a location where it seems to be an office receptionist

A woman got on board

Elevator starts rise

Large elevator to ride alone

It seems that the condition of lighting seems to be bad a little, and I think that it was shaky ... ...

The lighting went out and the inside of the elevator turned black. The women are not panicking, they do not make noise, they are waiting for the break.


It seems that the woman is watching here, but the elevator is completely black, I can not see anything.

As the lights turn on, the figure of a girl holding a doll ... ....

Whether she decided "I did not see anything", a woman who faces downward.

When the lights were shining again, the appearance of the girl disappeared.

When the lights again disappeared and got back on again, girls appeared again. This time I threatened with raising my singing voice.

The scene has changed, this time a woman of two people.

In the same way the interior of the elevator becomes dark ... ...

Girls appear.

Screaming hold down your face.

Even though I know that it is not a ghost, I am scared ....

What did you think when you saw that the figure disappeared at once?

This old man ......

When lighting turned on, I found a girl with mirror reflection.

Rarely looking back and rigid.

If raised up to the voice, there is no choice but to take a surrender pose.

The last man is a man who kept a mustache.

This time it appears behind

The hand over the face trembles with pulp

A girl chases a man who escaped from the elevator. This is a nightmare ... ....

YouTube's comment section also says "What if the uncle gets a heart attack?" "If the United States girls are being shot" also stern comments. I think that it is probably a Brazilian television program plan, but even if I know that it is neta, this is scary ....

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