I tried two seasonal drinks of Tully's motif with motif

From January 15 (Wednesday), TULLY'S COFFEE starts with "Mille-feuille" as a motif and seasonal sweets drinks finished in chocolateMillefeuil Mocha"White Mille-feuille LatteWe launched new products such as new products at all stores. "Millefeil Mocha" is chocolate and espresso, "White Milfeuil Late" is a gentle sweetness finished with white chocolate, so I have tasted the perfect drink for the cold season.

Product Information | Espresso Beverages | Mille-feuille Mocha | TULLY'S COFFEE

Product Information | Espresso Beverages | White Milfeil Latte | TULLY'S COFFEE

I arrived at the shop.

This time I visited TULLY'S COFFEEDojima Shintokita Building Store. It is a shop located on the first floor of the office building, with a high ceiling and a large glass window and a sense of openness.

POP signs of "Mille-feuille Mocha" and "White Mille-feuille Latte" were placed at the shop front.

Next to that, this is also a seasonal limited chocolate item "テルゼット<アルモニア>And mugs, heat retaining mugs etcGoods etc.There is also place.

I ordered it immediately. The one on the left paper cup is "White Milfeuil Latte", and the one in the mug is "Millefeil Mocha".

"White Milfeuil Late" which treated white chocolate has been loaded with a crushed French traditional thin baked sweets called "phiantine" on top of a whipped brown whit.

Very thin burned Phiantine is accented with crispy texture.

This is "Mille feuille mocha". Chocolate sauce is also topping from the top where Phiantine was also placed.

The phytines used are the same, but it took a little chocolate sauce and it was a slightly different shade.

First of all I will have White Milfeil Latte. From the moment you touch your mouth, a thick sweetness of white chocolate spreads in your mouth, and the light crunchy feeling of Fiantine is comfortably transmitted. The taste which can be said to be perfect at the time when the white chocolate has a moderate sweetness cold.

One Milfeuil Mocha is a dish in which the sweetness of bitter coffee and chocolate is mixed. There is no sweetness as "White Milfeuille Late", it is finished in a refreshing taste.

Two items of "White Milfeuil Late" enjoying the sweetness of white chocolate and two items of bittersweet and sweetness of chocolate "Milfieu Mocha" are two different tastes than clearly and it can be enjoyed according to the mood at that time It is.

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