Miss Christmas donuts are perfect for parties and others

Pizza hut etc already already exist from the end of OctoberA menu conscious of the Christmas seasonAlthough Mr. Donuts sells, but from 11th November (Tuesday) Christmas color-like "NY cupcake"And conscious of the lease of Christmas"Pon de LeesWe are on sale. I found a Mr. Donut shop decorated for Christmas, so I went to the shop.

A set with a new product of the topic "Otona cute" "NY cupcake" and a mug that designed a cute bear Appearance "Christmas Limited Items & Set Sale" Limited store "Missed a quick first X'mas gift" event implemented
(PDF file)http://www.misterdonut.jp/businessinfo/news_release/pdf/nr_141101_01.pdf

Arrived at Mister Donut with a lovely atmosphere with a heart pattern.

Appeal new items even in front of shops. I will go into it.

The interior of the shop was also decorated with hearts.

Three types of Christmas specifications in the showcaseNY cupcake(194 yen including tax) "...

Three types of "Pon de Lees(151 yen including tax) "was placed. I will order a total of 6 new donuts.

It was a rare open kitchen shop at Mr. Donut's shop.

Take the donut and go to the table.

N.Y. The cupcakes are wrapped in plastic cups, making creams hard to collapse even when they are taken home. There are different kinds of different creams, and this is strawberry.

From the top, on November 22 (Saturday) the movie "MIRACLE Debikuro's love and magic"Ornament · Star shaped chocolate · Alasan is on the strawberry cream.

I will eat using a spoon.

When scooping and eating it, the cream containing the acidity of strawberry and the cupcake with soft sweetness and gentle sweetness are good compatibility. Alasan's crispy texture is also a good accent.

The star shaped chocolate was finished with a strong milky taste.

It seemed that the cupcakes seemed to be a little bit tanned when eating with a spoon and it seemed that even a little more moisture of the dough would be good.

Green tea is the same as making strawberry except that cream turned into matcha whip.

Although bittersweet is somewhat thin, cupcakes with soft texture and green tea cream are outstanding compatibility. I felt that tea would fit better than coffee for strawberry taste and green tea cupcakes.

White is the only one using chocolate fabric among the three kinds, whipped is white and topping is the same.

A lot of chocolate is contained in the cupcake, and the taste of adults bittersweet. I felt that chocolate fits well with cream and that coffee seems to better fit better than tea.

Pon de Lees develops in three kinds of chocolate, strawberry and white chocolate. Like the NY cupcake, it has an ornament of "Love and magic of MIRACLE DEVILOKUNO", and a flashy color spray like Christmas is also used.

Chocolate pon de lease makes color spray well on the chocolate black.

Not only are they coated with chocolate but also white chocolate is used.

Although the mouth-feeling texture of Pon de Ring remains unchanged, it has plenty of chocolate, so it's finished in a taste like coffee. The color spray was not particularly tasty, but you can enjoy a crispy texture.

Strawberry is a dish coated with strawberry chocolate.

White chocolate was also applied.

It feels like a bit like a strawberry pocky with a slightly junk strawberry taste, but a feeling that compatibility with Pon de Ring who was pretty good is not bad. The mellow sweetness of white chocolate also matches well.

White chocolate is coated with white chocolate and dish was cooked with chocolate

The amount of chocolate is less compared to white chocolate.

White chocolate chillin and sweet seasoning are extruded to the front, and it is irresistible to those who like white chocolate. Both of these three types are 10 to 20 yen higher than normal pondering, but since the topping is gorgeous, it seems to be said that it is a reasonable price.

N.Y. Strawberry, cupcake strawberry, green tea, white and pon de lease chocolate, strawberry and white chocolate are sold until December 25 (Thursday). It will be pleasing if you bring it to a party souvenir etc.

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