A smart padlock that can be opened and closed with a smartphone "TEO"

A padlock is a convenient and durable lock to carry around and large items are used as U-shaped locks as a bicycle or motorcycle anti-theft tool. I made it possible to manage such a padlock from smartphone "TEOIt is also possible to open and close TEO from a smartphone with a single touch, or to give others the opening and closing authority of TEO.

TEO: The future of the padlock is here. By OckCorp - Kickstarter

You can check what kind of padlock TEO is with the following movie.

TEO is a smart padlock that allows you to open and close it from your smartphone at any time, or temporarily grant other users the right to open and close keys.

It is a padlock that can be used for locking bicycles, sheds, lockers, etc, but since you have to keep one key against one padlock, management will be troublesome as the number increases.

If TEO is such a troublesome key management, it will be possible with a single smartphone easily.

For communication between TEO and smartphoneBluetooth Low EnergyTechnology is used.

When opening and closing the TEO, open the application and tap the icon OK.

In TEO, it is also possible to temporarily grant opening and closing authority to other users, and it is possible to set TEO to be openable / closable with specific times limit or time (from what time to what time).

If you apply this function, send a friend a message saying "Lend your bicycle" ...

Receive key of bicycle with TEO application ......

You can also lend and borrow a smart key such as tapping the application and unlocking the TEO.

The design of TEOForm 3 DesignWe are in charge of production, we are consigning to Heliox Technologies which is doing US military and custom product development etc.

In TEO, a dedicated chipset is made to last longer the battery life, and boasts excellent robustness and waterproofness so that it can be used even in a hard environment.

TEO location information can be confirmed on the application.

Furthermore, it displays information on users who can open and close their own TEO ......

You can also display the current state of TEO.

You can also check TEO's remaining battery charge from the application, and give other users access privileges.

The main body color is steel, white, green, black, turquoise color 5 colors.

The battery will be kept for at least 1 year with excellent chip and sleep mode.

TEO is currentlyKickstarterThe target amount is set at C $ 165,000 (about 16 million yen) while seeking investment in. About one third of the target amount of about 51,600 Canadian dollars (about 4.9 million yen) gathers at the stage of writing articles. You can get one steel color TEO with a contribution of 79 Canadian dollars (about 7500 yen), and you can get two steel color TEOs with 109 Canadian dollars (about 10,000 yen) There are five TEOs of your favorite color with 139 Canadian dollars (about 13,000 yen), five TEOs of your favorite color with a contribution of 345 Canadian dollars (approximately 33,000 yen), 689 Canada You can get 10 TEOs of your favorite color with a dollar (about 65,000 yen) investment. Delivery is scheduled for December 2014. If it is less than five TEOs for shipping outside of Canada, it costs $ 15 separately (about 1400 yen), and if it is 5 or more, a separate $ 25 Canadian dollar (about 2400 yen) You will need.

The deadline for investment is Japan time and it is until 6:00 AM on March 8, 2014.

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