NVIDIA Announces Next-Generation Mobile SoC "Tegra K1" with 192 GPU Core

Beginning on January 72014 International CESPrior to NVIDIA held press events, next generation mobileSoCWe announced Tegra K1.

The Tegra K1 Supercomputing Mobile Processor | NVIDIA Tegra | NVIDIA

Tegra K1 was known by the codename "Logan" in the Tegra road map,Kepler architectureAdopted. It is a powerful chip that allows PC games to run on mobile terminals, and also supports Unreal Engine 4.

Here is a demonstration of Tegra K1 + Unreal Engine 4 actually released.

NVIDIA Tegra K1 Demo: Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

A game scene comes out from the beginning of the movie, but this is a video image of a game using Unreal Engine 4.

It is made in this way.

This is a demo of how the effect looks. Thanks to the icons at the bottom of the screen, you can see that it mimics the display on the tablet.

Actually, it seems to move like this.

Tegra K1 is like this chip

There are two kinds of lineup, one is a 4 core model of Cortex A15 CPU.

The other is a model with two 64-bit Denvers.

As for SoC for mobile, its performance is PS3 and Xbox 360 or more.

In order to express how terrible it is to make this Tegra K1, NVIDIA entrusts "Project 192" to Salinas, CaliforniaMake a Tegra K1 type mystery circleDid.

In December 2013, a tablet equipped with "Tegra 4"Playing 3D games with "ZOTAC Tegra Note 7"Although it did, it seems that a lot of relatively inexpensive tablets that can play high-spec games will appear more.

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A prototype movie has appeared on YouTube.

Tegra K1 prototype hands-on - YouTube

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