Benchmark results showing that "Tegra K1" is superior to iPhone 5s and Nexus 5 processors

Graphic board manufacturing and sales majorNVIDIAFor the next generation mobile terminalSoC"192 GPU cores equipped with a"Tegra K1Although already announced, the benchmark result is clarified. Apparently, Tegra K1 seems to have achieved higher performance than any SoC used for high-spec mobile terminals currently on sale.

Nvidia Tegra K1 Benchmarks from Lenovo ThinkVision 28,25733.html

News · Media on PC · Mobile TerminalsTom 's HARDWAREIs an international electronics fair trade fair held in Las VegasCES 2014At the venue, I tested the performance of Tegra K1 using a demonstration machine of 4K compatible display "Andenido ThinkVision 28" built in Android OS.

Although ThinkVision 28 is a 28-inch LCD display that can output 4K (2160p) picture quality, Tegra K1 is adopted as a processor, 2GB of memory, 32GB of eMMC storage, and Android 4.3 as OS are installed It is possible to use it as a "huge tablet terminal". Tom'sHARDWARE tested ThinkVision 28 as a tablet terminal with Tegra K1.

However, Tegra K1 installed in ThinkVision 28 is a dedicated soC which has retried the maximum frequency to 2.01 GHz, and the performance of Tegra K1 which supports up to 2.3 GHz may be suppressed.

The results of the benchmark comparison of Tegra K1 (max 2.01 GHz model) and tom 's HARDWARE with Snapdragon 800 with Nexus 5, Tegra 4 with Tegra Note 7, and Apple A 7 with iPhone 5 s are as follows.

3D Mark
Classic 3D benchmark software that can be used not only on PC but also on mobile terminal3D MarkThe benchmark result using this is like this. It can be confirmed that Tegra K1 exceeds other SoCs in all three modes.

Benchmark software for graphic performanceGFXBench(Ver. 2.7) are as shown in the graph below. In the off-screen test, Tegara K1 has drawn more than twice the value of Snapdragon 800 (Nexus 5).

However on the on-screen test Tegra K1 has the lowest score. This is because ThinkVision 28 is drawing power on drawing 4K display.

Reputed as system benchmark softwareAnTuTuThe benchmark result by this is like this. In AnTuTu, the performance of CPU is said to have a large influence on the benchmark score, Tegra K1 scores slightly less than Tegra 4 which is the same NVIDIA SoC. However, it is more than 30% faster than Snapdragon 800.

As mentioned above, it was confirmed that the Tegra K1 processor installed in ThinkVision 28 has performance far superior to the current high-end SoC. Tegra K1 is expected to be able to raise the maximum frequency to 2.3 GHz according to NVIDIA 's announcement, so its potential is expected to be more than this benchmark result.

NVIDIA did not name Tegra K1 which is the successor SoC of Tegra 4 as "Tegra 5" although it is said that there is an aim to appeal a drastic improvement in performance, Tegra K 1 realizes the exacting performance Heisei. Tegra K1 is scheduled to appear in the first half of 2014.

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