ARM announces the new GPU "Mali-G76" for smartphones & new VPU "Mali-V76", to support 8K · 60fps playback on smartphone

Semiconductor giant ARM launched a new GPU for mobile terminals that enhanced gaming performance & machine learning performanceMali-G 76", A new video processor compatible with movie playback of 8 K (7680 × 4320) · 60 fps by smartphone"Mali-V76We announced. The evolution of mobile terminal graphics seems to continue.

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◆ Mali-G76
The GPU for mobile terminals "Mali-G76" is a successor to the Mali-G72.

Performance up by 30% compared with Mali - G72, energy efficiency up by 30%, INT 8 Dot Product support improved the machine learning performance by a factor of 2.7.

It supports APIs such as OpenGL 3.2, Vulkan 1.1, OpenCL 2.0, etc. It is expected to use 4 cores with up to 20 cores.

According to ARM, the Mali-G 76 is comprehensively increasing the graphic performance of high-end mobile terminals by 50%.Expansion of mobile gaming marketIn doing so, the graphic performance of mobile terminals seems to be further improved by Mali - G 76.

◆ Mali-V76
The newly developed video processor (VPU) "Mali-V76" is said to be "a chip that enables the ultimate UHD experience with presence."

Mali-V76 is a successor to Mali-V61, which combines with ARM's Mali GPU to raise the movie standard of smartphone from 4K (3840 × 2160) resolution to 8K. Decoding performance is doubled with Mali-V61 ratio, 25% improvement in encoding quality, footprint is also shrinking.

For Mali-V76, 2 cores to 8 cores are assumed, and for 8 cores, it supports decoding of 8 K · 60 fps and encoding of 8 K · 30 fps. Although 8K panels for mobile terminals are not put to practical use in the first place, they also support decoding at 4K / 120fps.

About the question "Is not 4K even standard 4K? 8M?" ARM pointed out the possibility that 8K may become a standard in smartphones at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. In the 2 year adopted by manufacturers of mobile terminals such as smartphones He says it is preparing in advance. In addition, it supports "4 × 4 Video Wall" capable of displaying up to 16 simultaneous streaming of full HD (1920 × 1080).

However, Mali - V 76 has a next - generation codec developed by Google and othersAV1"Is not included in the support list. Also,AnandTechAccording to [HDR 10 +] will be supported in the future.

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