What can be great about NVIDIA's "Tegra X1" that can surpass Apple's A8X chip and can also have an automatic driving car?

It is held in Las Vegas, Nevada2015 International CESAmong them, NVIDIA announced a new mobile SoC "Tegra X 1". NVIDIA calls this Terga X1 "mobile super chip", and with its high processing capability, it will be useful for automatic driving cars by installing it in an in-vehicle system.

NVIDIA Kicks Off CES by Unveiling Tegra X1, NVIDIA DRIVE Auto Computers | NVIDIA Blog

Tegra X1 Super Chip | NVIDIA Tegra | NVIDIA

NVIDIA CES 2015 press conference: Tegra X1 (part 1) - YouTube

Currently, NVIDIA adopts the Maxwell architecture for desktop high-end GPUs, but Tegra X1 also has a Maxwell architecture 256 core SoC.

NVIDIA as SoC for Mobile TerminalsI announced the "Tegra" series in 2008. Tegra 2 in 2011, Tegra 3 in 2012, and Tegra 4 in 2013 are progressing smoothly,The current latest mobile SoC "Tegra K1" announced in 2014Has adopted the Kepler architecture and has a powerful processing capability enough to even move PC games on mobile terminals.

Although it can be said that Tegra K1 was sufficiently high performance,High performance SoC "A8X", NVIDIA decided to modify the roadmap and it reached Tegra X1 this time.

Tegra X1 has twice the performance of Tegra K1, the world's first mobile SoC 1TFLOPS (TeraFloops)Reached. NVIDIA calls Tegra X1 "mobile super chip" because it possesses the ability to outperform supercomputers that had sizes as much as 15 years ago, even 15 years ago.

According to AnandTech, Tegra X1 achieves low power consumption while it is very high performance, when compared with Synthung's system LSI Exynos 5433, when using the same power consumption, it shows 1.4 times performance If it is performance, the power consumption is about half.

AnandTech | NVIDIA Tegra X1 Preview & Architecture Analysis

According to the announcement, Tegra K1 andA8XI had a good match on the benchmark, but Tegra X1 seems to have performance that surpasses A8X.

Nvidia unveiled Tegra X1, a mobile graphics superchip that squashes Apple A 8x in benchmarks - Neowin

By the way, during the recital of CES, Tegra X1 and NVIDIA proprietary automotive systems "NVIDIA DRIVE PX" and "NVIDIA DRIVE CX" were also announced.

Jenson FanCEO told the future that "cars of the future will be cutting-edge computers."

"NVIDIA DRIVE PX" is a basic system for automatic driving. By installing two Tegra X1 and analyzing images shot with 12 high resolution cameras, safe driving is realized. In fact, you can see how the computer vision by the deep neural network looks like you can see the following movie.

NVIDIA CES 2015 press conference: DRIVE PX Computer Vision (part 7) - YouTube

"NVIDIA DRIVE CX" is the next-generation driving computer, so to speakApple's CarPlaySomething like. It dramatically changes the appearance of the navigation system and so on. An example is like this, the left side is a conventional car navigation system, the right side is NVIDIA DRIVE CX.

Furthermore, the speedometer also does this ... ....

Perhaps it may be that auto-driving cars equipped with NVIDIA's system will be released before Google and Apple.

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