Report on the stage greetings "Witchcup sister Yoyo and Nene" in Korea which began publishing in the world fastest

Although there are many cases that movies released in Japan are released overseas with popularity, the movies "YoYo and Nene of the Witch Pussy" published on December 28 are for Tei Joy to distribute to Korea In some cases, publication began in Korea from December 25th. Although it is not uncommon for itself to be released in South Korea, it is unusual for a 100-screen scale screening to be held. On the first dayTakayuki HiraoDirector / role of role of NeneKaomi YamaAnd Mr. MusicShiina AustraliaMrs.Kondo HikaruA producer gave a stage greeting. There is Q & A,There is a part that touched a bit spoilerPlease be careful.

Witch sister sister Yoyo and Nene

This time, the stage greetings were held here, "Seoul Theater (Seoul Cinema)".

A cast and staff member who performs a stage greeting goes into the theater building ......

December 25 was also a holiday in Korea, so the lobby was crowded with people.

Meanwhile, as a big tapestry was exhibited, "Witchcup sister Yoyo and Nene" who celebrated the first day, in front of that, Kondo producer, Mr. Hirao, Mr. Kakuma, Shiina Mr. commemorative photograph.

Even after Mr. Kondo and Mr. Hirao withdrew from Suda, Mr. Kakuma took a parade with Bihaku.

Then, the surrounding people saw the atmosphere as "I bet they are celebrities", take out each smartphone or tablet and go to the photo session setting. Director Hirao was also filming this situation.

The main of this time is a stage greetings to be done after the screening only. Check the setup at the meeting ......

Go to the floor below the theater and wait.

Here are the big posters of the four teams "PAINTERS" ......

Mr. Kakuma tried mixing with the team.

The screening is over. The stage sleeves next to the entrance of the theater, performers waiting for a turn.

And to the stage greetings ... ....

From the left, Kim Youni, moderator / interpreter director, Director Takayuki Hirao, Akari Kumaka, Mr. Akira Shiina, Producer Kondo Hikari. Mr. Hirao, Mr. Kakuma, Mr. Shiina are practicing greetings in Korean beforehand, especially Mr. Kakuma's "Chow Vaeckes Munida (Nice to meet you), Nene Yo Yi Kakumaei Imnida (Ken Kumaka role as Nene) "Clapping hands and" cute "voice were rising.

The seat is 202 seats and sold out for the first time. Kondo producer,In Korea, animation is still strongly conscious of being a childAlthough it talked to me, on this day it was about half a young man / woman who seemed to be an anime fan with a parent and child. Incidentally, Kondo producer had experiences of making Marvel's "Spider-Man" together with a Korean animation production company about 20 years ago, and that he had a deep emotion to think that their work flowed at that Korean movie theater.

Asked Mr. Akuma Kukuma who is Nene role. Do you have any episodes, etc. when recording?

I can not listen to it only in Japan (because Korea is a dub version) as it is the work that you saw, but at the time of recording, Nils (Mr. Takeshi Koyasu) and Ken (Ms. Takahiro Sakurai) and When it was recorded, it was fun because it was a very interesting character.

Are there any intention for Yoyo to be big or small?

Hirao Director:
Originally Yo Yo is small, there is a setting that it became ice pickled by magic influence at the age of six. In the movie, when Mr. Yoyo came to the real world, one got bigger because when one moves to a different world, things like spatio-temporal twist are occurring. The other is because Takahiro wanted to draw something like Juvenile that only Mr. Yoyo would know without knowing.

Each time the answer to one question is over, the hand will rise from the audience vigorously.

It is a fans of Shiina who likes "Tales of Legendia" as well. How did you make music this time, what is the best listening point?

Shiina name:
It was quite time consuming for me to express what to do with the director and me. It was a seesaw game of which one places a greater weight on the hero and the environment. Since No. 1 becomes spoiler, please look at the theater by all means by saying "Last scene is good!"

A girl rapping up with a bowl while rapping hands.

This child did the last question.

"Where were Yoyo and Nene, made?"

Director Hirao who is in trouble, Kondo producer said "Yoyo and Nene are alive, Bihak is also surely, somewhere", a nice answer.

Last photo taken with guest seat

After the end, there was the distribution of posters with an autograph, to a bit of a tough thing ....

It seems that girls got posters properly

After this stage greeting, Mr. Kakuma and Shiina announced that Nico's ""Yojo and Nene of Witch Parents" Korea First Day Stage Greeting Live Broadcast"After-talk was conducted.

"Please feel it at the theater by all means"

After the end of the stage greetings, as I got off to the lobby on the first floor, the queue grew further.

"Witch sister sister Yoyo and Nene", release in Japan started this weekend from Saturday, December 28, at Shinjuku Baltic 9 and others. Since Mr. Hirao and Kakuma et al. Are scheduled to perform theatrical greetings around the theater nationwide for three days from 28th to 30th, if the schedule is likely to be met at the time of implementation at the nearest theater, Please do not miss it.

In addition, for this stage greeting the coaches gathered at Haneda Airport early in the morning, and after the stage greetings, they are flipping back to Tokyo. Stage greeting that looked like a little unusual story About the reverse side of the bullet tour, it will be posted in later so please look forward to it.

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