Until Lawson transformed into Siganashina district at the southernmost tip of Wall Mary of Advance Giant is made like this

Attack on TitanAnd Lawson's collaboration project "Advance giant campaign"Currently underway, Lawson of three stores in Tokyo, one in Osaka and three stores in Oita as"Advance giant original decoration store"Oita Lawson, the hometown of the author, was supposed to be a decoration that imaged the Sigang Cina district at the southernmost tip of Wall Mary, unlike other stores, so it actually goes to Oita and decorates the store I have been closely watching the state of.

Advance giant campaign | Lawson

It was Lawson Hita Inter store where we saw the state of decoration.

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When the neighbor was sleeping ......

Arrived at the Lawson Hita Inter store in the decoration store.

When waiting in front of the store Zorozoro and cars gathered.

Equipment and decorative items start to line up next to Lawson 's parking lot.

The first thing I did was decorating the glass surface outside the store. Here is a castle wall style sticker image of Wall Mary and it is pasted with Dodon.

Drop the dirt stuck to the glass surface with a spatula of metal before sticking the sticker ......

I'm clumsy and fluffy.

The sticker that becomes an obstacle to pasting a new sticker warms up with a dryer and scrapes off the gorilla with a spatula.

I found this kind of thing while shooting, I can see that the sticker's pasting place is specified finely.

Fine tuning so that you can paste the sticker at the position written on the drawing using the measure.

Temporarily fasten with masking tape here.

Peel off the sticker from the backing ... ...

I will cut about 5 centimeters a minute.

And only the cut part has stuck to the glass surface first.

Then peel off the masking tape for temporary fastening.

Periphery on the back of the sticker ......

Finally, in order to prevent bubbles from entering between the sticker and the glass surface, we will stick together using a special spatula.

When completed it is like this.

When wiping water on the sticker surface by misting, the spatula becomes slippery on the sticker, and it is possible to avoid scratching the sticker surface.

While decorating the inside of the store, the decorative work inside the store also started while the sticker pasting work is proceeding outside the store. Put the curing tape on the space above the drink corner.

Then stick the double-sided tape onto the curing tape. This double-sided tape is pretty strong so it seems to stick on the curing tape so that the wall does not hurt.

It seems to be pasting a huge panel like this here.

After confirming the pasting position of the panel, peel the double-sided tape sheet ......

Petri panels. I am amazed that the panel of this size sticks with only that double-sided tape.

The curing tape which has protruded is cut if it cuts with a cutter OK.

When you paste the panel, the giant taste of attack is increased at once in such a feeling.

When the panels can not be attached neatly due to distortion of the wall etc ......

I was cutting the panels on the spot.

Through these steady work, it seems that seams of panels and panels become something that you can not find unless you consciously search it.

In the panel pasted on the inside of the store, Ellen and Mikasa in early childhood ... ...

Thunder-like effect that appears when the giant appears

Three of my childhood Mikasa Ellen · Armin

Events such as the appearance of super large-sized giants such as those occurred in the Sigan Shina district at the southernmost tip of Wall Mary, where Ellen grew up, are printed, this is one of the differences from shops other than Oita.

Next, the removal work of the shop front curtain on the entrance is started.

This shop front curtain was made of cloth if you look closely.

Remove this ... ....

We will convert to the curtain shop front curtain of the advance of the decoration store limited.

Fix the cloth to the frame with metal fittings ......

If installed on the entrance it is completely replaced.

Senior Rivai soldier overlooking the entrance.

Also, from the ceiling the tapestry was hung like this, six people in the 104th period training soldiers were hiding in the tapestry.

Armin Arelert

Ani · Leon Heart

Mikasa Ackerman

Jean kill Stein

Sasha Blouse

Ellen Yeager

The interior decoration is completed with this. Decorative shop limited products and Oita's decorations The goods limited to shops were stained near the entrance with a single giant in progress.

And as the decoration of the store has approached the end, a large-sized board outside the store that should be considered as a decoration's eyeball will appear.

What appeared in the packaging materials ......

Levi's soldier who celebrated his birthday on December 25th.

When you build up a large board outside the store it will look like this.

Extra large Mikasa and ... ...


You can see the leader of Rwy. Since it is almost a life-sized large size, you can shoot two-shot pictures by side by side.

The back of the board was stained with a leader of the soldier of Rivai.

This large-sized board outside the store was set up only in 3 stores in Oita, the main board of Rivai soldiers in the Hita Inter store, the main board by Ellen in the Jisai Hita Hospital front shop, Mikasa in the Hita 12- The main board is placed.

Decorative shop limited items will be on sale on Thursday, December 26 at 8 am.

Goods that can be gotten only at the decorative store are five kinds of Chimi character keychain, Chimi character note, A3 clear poster, Chimi character rusk (pink), Chimi character rusk (Midori), and limited number of original lucky bags It is.

The period of appearance of decorative shops is from 8 am on Thursday, December 26 th, 2013 to January 6 th (Monday) 2014.

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When Lawson was decorated in the style of "Advance giant", fried kudt was sold well at that store - GIGAZINE

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