GIGAZINE Editing department building is renovated All processes / playback

Last DestructionWe undertake construction and renovationMobius CorporationI told you that the interior of the building is destroyed by cancer, but this time we will introduce the scenery where walls and floors will be newly built up.

The room which was the old atmosphere is reborn The reproduction version of angry Waves is from the following.■ Floor
Earth is bare though it is indoors.

It is ruins, even if it sees it.

I will build it carefully.

The floor is created with feeling like placing a board from the top of the frame.

A board that is placed on the frame.

I finished placing the board.

I still put the flooring material on top, but it looks pretty refreshing.

However, the gap with the wall is wonderful.

This part is a little different material because it becomes a bathroom.

A bathroom
Created from the bathroom framework.

Since it is a unit bus, it is installed at a stretch.

A sheet for preventing dirt is affixed to the door.

This is the exterior of the unit bath. It is a wall of a simple atmosphere.

The lower part looks something like this.

Foot firmly fixed with adhesive.

Duct for ventilator.

Inside the unit bus is like this.

Vinyl is stuck on the work so as not to become dirty.

If you make a wall, you will not know from outside if it is a bathroom.

Remote control fixed with tape before installation.

A ceiling
Establish a basic framework.

I will stick the material of the ceiling there.

As well as the floor is also refreshing.

■ Wall
We will also paste boards on the walls and soil walls.

The groundwork is being arranged.

Place to install air conditioner.

When I pasted a plate, it looked something like this.

There is no stain, it is crowded.

This wall will be scraped somewhat.

After cutting it is like this.

A wedge (wedge) driven for concrete fixing.

Here a sink will be placed.

The part of the silver tube visible to the lower left is the entrance leading to the water pipe.

Install sink and shelves.

The stairs
A staircase is made where there is nothing.

From the 2nd floor you see a hole perfectly.

Danger during renovation.

The foundation of the stairs is completed in one day.

The back side looks like this.

Paste the board on the wall and paste it.

It is white from the top.

■ Closet
Here is the place where you are planning to open the closet.

Closing creation in progress.

The part which was previously a toilet will also be closed out.

Make a big change from a toilet to a closet.

The door arrives wrapped in cardboard.

Metal doors and frames.

Set a door and set the frame.

The wooden door was installed in a bag so that it could not be scratched.

There is a curing pack on the knob.

The sliding door type thing does not seem to have a handle at the beginning.

Sketch the other side.

■ Toilet
This is a toilet.

A suspicious wall that remains as a cross.

When the wall of the wall is made, the atmosphere changes completely.

I installed the door of the toilet.

The toilet before installation is packed with this kind of kanji.

A name disinfection device like a weapon.

I pulled the sewage pipe to the toilet and it was ready.

Completed the toilet.

The renovation work was done with the feeling, and each room became the feeling as follows. It takes about three weeks from here to destruction, although it is early when viewed in the image.

Although I think that people can live even in this state, handover will be done after the wallpaper is pasted from here or interior is prepared and renovation will be finished.

After all it is a must see what room will be the lastTotal finishPlease do not hesitate to contact us.

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