GIGAZINE Editorial department's building is renovated all processes · destruction

I decided to renovate the building of the GIGAZINE editorial department, which was previously covered with soot due to fire, in consideration of aging aspect as well. As we did in the previous renovation, we have a track recordMobius CorporationI decided to have charge from estimate to actual enforcement.

So when we reform the entire building we will report on how construction proceeds.

Details are as below.· Before renovation

Only the kitchen on the first floor was covered with soot in the fire, but the building itself is old, so other rooms have become dimly old buildings.

Japanese style room on the first floor.

The sobried bath.



Stairs connecting the first and second floors. Although I do not know in appearance, it is quite steep angle and still extremely narrow and extremely dangerous silo mono.

Japanese style room on the second floor. There was a kind of floor space etc. but it was not used for a long time.

The second floor water field surrounded by the earth wall.

· First day of remodeling

The truck arrived.

Renovation started immediately.

For the whole renovation this time, all the doors were removed, destruction for renovation was started first.

I will destroy the wall with cancer.

The first floor Japanese style room where destruction progresses.

Japanese style room on the second floor.

The toilet is also destroyed.

· Second day of remodeling

We will peel off the floor as well.

The floor disappears rapidly.

The part where the sink was once.

The ceiling is exposed.

Site of toilet.

Tile of the toilet and debris of the main body.

The stairs and the wall on the second floor were destroyed so you can see the toilet site below.

Japanese style room on the second floor where Gareki accumulates.

The second floor water field annihilation.

The floor is only framework.

· Reform 3rd day

A mountain of garbage being carried away by the truck.

In the kitchen, all the floor framework is also gone.

And for the time being, on the third day, destruction is over.

nextPlaybackI will show you how old buildings are reborn and reborn rapidly.

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