Continuation · A story till moving the office of GIGAZINE from the first floor to the fourth floor

Now,Last timeWe will renovate at the end of the twists and turnsMobius Limited CompanyAlthough it was a story till deciding to be ", let's see how the construction of actual renovation advanced and how it eventually ended up this time.

The above picture is the current office of GIGAZINE. It seems that it will be able to update while maintaining sanity if this is done. By the way, I am changing the chair now. The story of the procedure to pick up chairs is also when there is opportunity.

That's why I talked about what kind of renovation that Japanese-style room became such a Western-style room.
This is the state of June 20. We will protect the next room by covering the dust so that it will not be covered with dust during construction. It is a work called curing. At this time at this time it was still in the last bad office so there was no direct impact, but when you live next door or work, you may need to prepare things like partition.

The step of the partition between the room and the room is scraped to the crackle immediately. This is the same level as the floor under the tatami mat. This is the cheapest. When worrying about the appearance more, it will align the height with the next original room, but it will be expensive as it will take time and effort.

Since this pushing part is an obstacle, it will be destroyed and removed by using something like barrel.

The shelf above is gone. fast.

I will peel off what I should do next.

Yes, it is gone. The room got bigger.

Also remove the part where the door of the ceiling pushing in slides. A big success like a bar.

Because the height of the ceiling is also aligned, it will do about this

Of course I will arrange it as well.

It will look something like this because we will separate two wires separately from the ceiling.

As for PC related items, it is necessary to supply stable electric power, so the outlet portion secures electricity with sufficient margin. Actually measuring with a voltage checker etc. There are pretty unstable outlets, but that somewhere outlet and the original part are the same and temporarily unstable as it is used at the same time It is because it becomes. Improve by improving ampere's number of contracts or fundamentally reviewing the power supply of each outlet. Even if the hardware equipment is fragile, the original outlet may already have become a feet even if it is not a gridded wiring.
No matter how much power is loaded on your computer, it will be burdensome because it will only be loaded if the original part is not good. Especially not limited to ordinary households, there are not many cases to pay attention to in this office environment so much, so when borrowing, etc. I show a distribution board etc. with a breaker, and how many lines of electricity is coming yet, still more amps Let's see if we can raise it or further increase it.
In the case of increasing the number of outlets at the time of remodeling, there are also some outlets that increase the number of outlets from one line to make the estimate cheap, so it is a point to check whether line drawing in work occurs in electric construction.

This time the work to align the height of the floor. It is slightly difficult for individuals to break through the level of the do-it-yourself truly in this area.

On June 21, the work has been completed so far. It is a big deal.

The step is lower with this feeling

This is a hole for ceiling lighting equipment

It is somehow a surreal scene

It became like this on June 24th. We have already peeled off part of the wallpaper and the line part of extra outlet is also cut.

I'm painting, I'm painting.

It became quite like it on June 26th

I also put lighting equipment on the ceiling. I am pretty handy because I can control the brightness to some extent. This is quite effective if it is in an environment full of natural light.

Base work to paste floor tiles.

Although it is said to be a tile, it is a strong type used for the floor of business shops and so on, so it looks the same as wooden flooring, durability goes further and cheap. Even if you walk barefoot or touch it, the first person can not distinguish it from the real wood.

In the case of actual flooring flooring, durability and price are not proportional. It is only proportional to the price of wood. Therefore, it depends on whether you choose by looking or whether you choose by robustness. It is a strange story that the strongest material is the cheapest.
Also, when using authentic timber, care for the rest is really difficult. Dust and rubbish etc are falling, and it gets scratched every time you walk on it. Therefore, if you are not a person cleaning every day, you can not recommend flooring with real wood. Well, it seems that there are no problems as people who choose flooring seem to have many people who frequently perform cleaning.

Atmosphere that pretty much it. I do not think that this was an entry.

This is a Western-style Western-style restaurant that crushed the place where the entry was made and renovated. Since the two outlets are independent of each other, the power supply is quite stable.

After that, put the cover of the outlet, remove the curing, if you clean it is over.

Although the air conditioner's stain is conspicuous, after renovation, employees have desperately polished and polished, so now they are white properly.

It will be completed on June 27.

I moved all the baggage at once in full on June 30 (Friday). This is the state immediately after the movement.

In addition to the next room, we want to make it possible for a few more people to replenish. Besides this, there are so many things that I can buy. We have to arrange the wiring etc ....

So it is greatly appreciated if it becomes reference for renovation along with the previous article.

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