Evangelion first machine with a total length of about 80 meters appears in Hakone, and the campaign for Lawson Hakone Sengokuhara Store will become the 3rd Shin Tokyo city store started on April 23

Lawson "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Destruction"It is said that the campaign will be held to commemorate the release of Blu-ray and DVD. In addition to releasing all 23 kinds of original collaboration products, Lawson Hakone Sengokuhara store will be "the 3rd New Tokyo City store" for a limited time, and it is said that Evangelion first machine with a total length of 80 m will appear in augmented reality.

Details are as below.
Evangelion Campaign | Campaign | Lawson

AR Evangelion first machine appeared in Hakone ~ Tie-up product and stamp rally held simultaneously ~ "Evangelion" campaign held

The campaign is pretty big, and for the time period from April 23 to May 17, the Lawson Hakone Sengokuhara store became the decoration of the 3rd Shin Tokyo city shop, and it seems that it is like a store that seems to have melted into the Eva world It is going to be.

The image of the appearance is like this.

Interior decoration is also like Eva.

And on April 23, "AR Evangelion first machine appearance project" started. This is an event utilizing the first augmented reality (AR) in the convenience store industry, downloading the original iPhone application (Lawson Evangelion AR application) from Lawson's exclusive campaign site and holding it to a specific place, whereby Eva's first machine with a total length of about 80 meters It is said to appear.

It is like an image like this. The height of Eva is set to 80 m to 200 m considering the appearance of the occasion.

From April 27th, 23 kinds of original products limited to Lawson appeared. Various items ranging from products reproducing the taste appearing in the play to products printed characters, all of which are purchased for each of the 80 stores purchased two products, a limited drawing drawing one clear file Or, when collecting 5 tickets and sending it, the original figure will hit you.

The original product is the following 23 kinds
Kuara-ku regular / First machine, Unit 2, No. 0 machine: 210 yen each
Kuzu Yuzuko Ponzu (with a taste) / Temporary Unit 5: 210 yen
Ayanami Rei's special strawberry jam pan: 120 yen
Asuka's special chocolate cologne: 120 yen
Shinji's Miso soup: 158 yen
Evangelion Garlic ramen no charge: 198 yen
Katsuragi Misato curry ramen: ¥ 198
UCC Caffe latte (Evangelion) 200 ml (all four types): 179 yen
A snack around potato chips (Shinji's taste · Ray's garlic salt taste · Asuka's pepper chicken taste · Mali's Italian salt taste): Each 105 yen
Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Breaking Wafer Special Edition 2: 105 Yen
Evangelion Gum Pot 2 (all 2 kinds): 698 yen
Evangelion Mini Case (All 3 types: 399 yen
Evangelion memory card case (6 types in total): 399 yen
Evangelion Entry Plug Tablet (all three types): 399 yen
Evangelion B6W Ring Note (all three types): 420 yen
Evangelion eraser (all three types): ¥ 105
Evangelion Ballpoint Pen (3 types in all): 630 yen
Evangelion addic (2 types): 168 yen

During the period from April 27th, touching Loppi at the shop front of Lawson with a mobile phone "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Destruction" original quiz is done, and answer gives 1 original standby image every week. Furthermore, if you correctly answer all questions (24 questions) during the period you get the original prize.

From May 11th, the original best lottery compact (400 yen per time) also started.

Although it is quite a large scale as a collaboration project, personally I am anxious about how much "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Destruction" BD can sell.

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