"Zero Gravity" spin-off movie "Aningaaq" is available for full-length viewing on the net

A movie released in the United States from October 4, 2013 (December 13th in Japan)Zero · Gravity(Title: Gravity) "box office revenue exceeded 240 million dollars (about 24 billion yen) in about one month from the release, as early asOne of the 86th Academy Award's favoriteIt is a work of attention that is told so far. And one of the scenes appearing in Zero Gravity is the work of director Honas Cualon, Zero Gravity 's son Alfonso Cureon directorAningaaq"The Hollywood Reporter has released a full movie of Aningaaq.

'Gravity' Spinoff: Watch the Other Side of Sandra Bullock's Distress Call (Exclusive Video) - The Hollywood Reporter

◆ Since the content from here on is related to the story of the main part of the movie, those who do not want to put any advance knowledge over the trailer should stop reading here


The stage is the world of snow and ice world Greenland.

When one male is working, someone's voice starts to hear from the radio.

When the man came out on the radio, I heard the voice of a woman saying "Do you hear Houston?"

A man who claims to be Aningaaq replies "I can hear you".

The voice that appeals "Oxygen level is decreasing" continues, but sadly Aningaaq can not understand the word. In addition, "May Day, May Day" and voice calling for help.

However, Aningaaq replied, "Hello, May Day, this is Aningaaq", making a mistake as the name of the wireless partner.

You hear a voice saying "Aningaaq is your name?"

"Nice to meet you, Mayday" Aningaaq.

The Lord of the voice says, "Mayday is not my name," but Aningaaq has been heeded by the dog's barking but heard it.

"I am my dog ​​now, I am sick, I love dogs," Aningaaq explains.

Lord of the voice asks "Aningaaq" while managing the bark of the dog, "Please let me hear the barks of the dog."

However, Aningaaq who does not understand has started managing the dog's bark, "The dog's bark is not so". Beyond the radio, the lord of the voice also manages the barking of the dog.

"I will die soon, I will be dead soon," I will cry and appeal to Aningaaq, but Aningaaq has not heard the child's distraction.

As the child cried, as Aningaaq singing while singing, the Lord of the voice calmed down a little "I feel a bit tender, say something a bit more."

When the child stops crying, Aningaaq will speak again, but the radio has already expired.

Aningaaq will return to work with a gun in hand.

And the sky is projected to remind you of "Zero · Gravity" fighting loneliness in the far away universe, and finally "something" can be seen at the end.

Whether or not this scene is connected to the movie is to be made to feel very emotional, as it is known in a single shot that "This is what it is!" If it is actually after appreciation It is a mistake pear.

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