Evaluate "zero · gravity" as a movie the astronaut reproduced the space faithfully the most faithfully

The movie chosen as the opening work of the 70th Venice International Film Festival "Zero Gravity (Title: Gravity)"Quentin Tarantino's acclaimAnd criticize severe criticism of movie reviews by film criticRotten Tomatoes is also close to full rating, And as soon as it is recording a huge hit in the whole countryThe 86th Academy Award winnerAnd it is said that. It is also surprising that the cast members are only Sandra Bullock and George Clooney's exceptional casting, but the image depicting spacelessness, which is zero gravity, is one reason why Zero Gravity is highly appreciated, A real astronaut NASA's "a movie that can reproduce the space faithfully"QuoraPosted on.

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Garrett Reisman, who has been asked by many people "Zero Gravity" is being released as a question, "How about comprehension of the zero space gravity space?" NASA's astronaut who has experienced space swimming. According to Reisman, the scene of the zero-gravity space swimmer has been faithfully reproduced than any movie ever, and the appearance of the earth seen in the helmet as a helmet in the outer space was exactly the same as the real thing.

Mr. Reisman said that movement of people and things in Zero Gravity's space swimming depiction, especially in zero gravity space was quite accurate and very surprised. Appears in the movieSoyuzYaInternational Space StationIt was accurately reproduced, and it was the same up to the position of the valve and the button.

"When I was outside the space station and working, the partner Rick noticed that a hole of 1 mm in diameter was found in the aircraft, the cause of the hole is a small space debris, if you hit your body "I remember being frightened when I thought of it," Reisman says, dangerous to struggle with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in the filmSpace debrisWe are also evaluating that it is accurately expressed.

However, from the viewpoint of the astronaut, "there is a scene that this is impossible" also existed in the movie.

◆ Since content from here on includes the spoiler that touches the core of the movie, people watching movies from now on need attention

There is a scene that "There can not be anything in zero gravity", one scene "George Clooney and Sandra block move from the broken Space Shuttle Columbia using the jet for soft landing to the International Space Station" is. According to Reisman, it is physically impossible to travel in a certain direction only with a jet for soft landing in the spaceless zero space.

Also, Mr. Reisman said "George Clooney himself grabs George Clooney's wire that was about to be thrown into space, but Clooney will take his hand off to save the block to save the block" There was no need to remove. "

When Sandra Bullock caught George Clooney by hand, Clooney became zero load and floating in outer space, so it seems that it was saved just by slightly pulling the block.

Despite the mistakes listed above, Mr. Reisman says, "If I get fried, there are multiple details that are fine but mistaken, but zero gravity is entertainment and not documentary. As an entertainment work, I think that zero-gravity is the movie that can reproduce the space faithfully the most. "

In addition, from December 13, 2013 the first trailer of Zero Gravity, which is also open to the public in Japan, is released on YouTube.

The first trailer of Zero Gravity can be confirmed from the following.

Movie "Zero Gravity" announcement 1 [HD] December 13, 2013 released - YouTube

Two people floating in the universe


The perfect world

The earth seen from space is magnificent.

Sandra · block to discover something.

Next moment, space shuttle shattered.

"Is it a meteorite?"

The debris scatters to the surroundings

Sandra block with each arm of the space shuttle will be thrown out into outer space.

Removing the belt attached to the arm ... ...

I will blow into the pitch dark space.

Space without anything to grasp.

Sandra · block falls into panic.


"My breath ...!"

I will reach out to you, "Get hold!" ....

I could not grasp it even in heartlessness.

"The universe"


Dangle with a wire


Explosive Space Shuttle.

Sandra · block trying to get hold of it somehow.

Continuity of pinch.

"Someone answering ... ...."

It is quite shocking at the time of the first trailer, but with the second part of the trailer you can see in detail where the space shuttle will be destroyed.

Movie "Zero Gravity" Preliminary Notice 2 Collision Hit [HD] December 13, 2013 released - YouTube

"The debris of the satellite approaches!"


"hurry up!"

"Get away from here!"

"The fragments are on shuttle!"

And Sandra · block at the end of the blowing arm.

"Hurry up! It will not be able to return!"

Will Sandra Block be blown off the universe?

In addition, the third trailer is "drift edition", and it seems that Sandra · block was supposed to drift in the universe.

Movie "Zero Gravity" Announcement 3 Drift Edition 【HD】 December 13, 2013 released - YouTube

"Warning: Hypoxia"

Sandra Bullock looks for help.

It is a situation that is being swept away from the hull.


"Can you hear me?"


The fourth is despair edited. Already desperate situation, further despair attacks two people.

Movie "Zero Gravity" Announcement 4 Desperation Edition 【HD】 December 13, 2013 released - YouTube

Two people who are likely to collide

I will catch on to the hull while it is going to be blown away.

It was fleeting that I was relieved, when I looked up ... ...

The figure of George Clooney falling there.

The two bumped people leave the hull.


"When it gets swept it's over!"

I managed to get tangled around the wire somehow.

Sandra block in an upside-down state in the universe

And the latest thing which is released at the moment is the fifth trailer. You can see that the pinch still continues, such as the fire that happens inside the spacecraft.

Movie "Zero Gravity" announcement 5 [HD] released on December 13, 2013 - YouTube

"There is no world pressure and no oxygen without a sound of 600,000 meters above the earth"

"Life can not survive in the universe"

"Spectacle fragments collide!"

George Clooney asked Sandra Bullock, "Who is waiting for the earth to return?"

Sandra · block has a daughter.

A fire also occurred within the spacecraft.

"Tell the daughter"

"I have to give up"

George Clooney hanging on the wire.

Can two people go back to earth safely?

The movie "Zero Gravity" will be released nationwide from 13th December.

Movie "Zero Gravity" Official Site

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