I tried playing with the balance game "Okinawa Nyanko Rake" which puts on a base that shakes the kitten while taking a nap

You can enjoy games that put on figures by using chopsticks and fingers on a swinging swaying pedestal with diorama style and games that take carefully the figures of the kitten you stacked on the pedestal.Niruzaki nirvana"is. There are 10 kitten in the whole in nap and it seems that you can decorate a cute cat figure in the room as a diorama and you can play for yourself as a game as a game, so I tried playing to see what kind of thing you borrowed from the real thing.

Amazon.co.jp: Nirune Nakamonchaku: Toys

This is the package of "Niru ni konko".

The set includes 10 kneading figures and chopsticks, pedestal, balancer, bucket, rice cooker, chair, handrail, instruction manual.

You can enjoy a total of 4 types of games, 2 kinds of balance games and 2 chopsticks using chopsticks.

I opened the box and inside it is a figure and a description.

There was a pedestal on the back of the case.

There are 10 types of kitten in all.

Three white cats ... ...

Two tortured cats.

Two tiger cats.

There are three black cats.

It is about this size when placed on the palm of your hand.

The chopstick is a bit shorter, slippery and slippery specifications.

Before playing with games, first build a foundation.

Flip the pedestal and install the balancer.

Since the balancer is rounded, returning the base to its original state causes it to be in an unstable state.

Place chairs, pails, rice cooker, which are three kinds of "jammer" which disturbs the game on this.

It is like this when 10 knotted cats are placed.

Just push gently with your fingers and the pedestal will tilt.

A little breakdown, collapse in a flash.

The specific way to play the game is on the instruction manual.

I will put a kitten on the swinging base "A full-bodied game (2 to 4 people)"Piling up the kitten over the jammer"Knee-dress game (2 to 4 people)"Jammer to Jammer Pinch with Knuckle with chopsticks and move to compete for time"Changing the baby game (1 person)". Pinch with the chopsticks to catch the pellets stacked on the pedestal "Knocking game (2 to 4 people)First of all, I will play "Kokko full of games" out of the four kinds of games.

The rules are simple, picking up the kitten with chopsticks and fingers, just placing it on the pedestal.

It is safe even if the kitten put on the handrail or jammer falls on the pedestal ... ...

Falling on the floor and out. It is the loss of the player who dropped.

So, it is possible to check from the following movie that the player actually decides the attack after the game with a scissors and plays the game.

Balancing game "Nekodake Game" Failed editing - Nyanko who is taking a nap on the pedestal - YouTube

The movies that have succeeded in placing 10 kitten on the pedestal are as follows.

Balancing game "Nekodake Game" success course - YouTube

In addition, it is possible to check from the following movie how to do "Konjiku Game" which grabbed konko stacked on a pedestal with chopsticks.

"Konkku Game" that takes up Nyanko in a stacked-up nap - YouTube

Although it is possible to play a game for 2 to 4 players alone, it is possible to play games for not only multi-player games but jammers to jammers by chopsticks and to compete for time "Changing the Baby Game" There is also a game for one person called.

The game seems easy and it is harder than expected than it is expected, and since we stop breathing for sliding chopsticks and slide, we seriously play, so we combine the cuteness of appearance and the fun of the game, and if we give it to a child from an adult It is likely to be pleased.

The release date is Saturday, November 16, 2013, and the price at Amazon is 1304 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: Nirune Nakamonchaku: Toys

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