There was a mystery movie in which a super hero appeared in the movie "Zero Gravity"

A film that won seven sectors such as Director's Prize, Composition Award, Visual Effect Award at the 86th Academy AwardsZero · Gravity"Recorded a huge hit in Japan, Blu - ray / DVD will be released on April 23, 2014.Blu-ray / DVD version of zero gravityThere are 3 hours of video benefits including how you shot a zero gravity scene, but YouTube does not know if there is any relationship with this privilege picture,SuperheroZero Gravity's undisclosed movie "Exclusive Alternate Scene (Redefines Entire Movie)"Has been released.

GRAVITY - Exclusive Alternate Scene (Redefines Entire Movie) - YouTube

At the beginning of Zero · Gravity the undisclosed sceneSpace debrisIs crashing into the space shuttle and Dr. Ryan Stone who was working was thrown out into outer space.

Dr. Ryan trying to remove the belt as instructed from the radio.

However, at the moment of removing the belt, Dr. Ryan will be thrown out into space as it is.

The appearance of Dr. Ryan gradually becoming smaller.

At that moment when it seems to be over, something wears blue suit and red cloak from outside the screen.

A mysterious flying object approaching from time to time. Then, music that you can hear is beginning to flow.

It was Superman who appeared.

Superman caught Dr. Ryan who was thrown into outer space exquisitely.

Some kind of handsome guy.

Superman brought Dr. Ryan to the space shuttle as it was.

Dr. Ryan who was in a panic condition somehow sets her breath to calm down.

Superman who shakes hands with Dr. Ryan and closes the hatch.

Superman went back somewhere waving a hand to other crew.

Five minutes before Dr. Ryan is thrown to space.

On Earth, superman Clark Kent was blowing the ball with a full swing.

The ball that Kent hits will fly to outer space.

The figure of a worker who is repairing the space shuttle at the end of the ball ... ....

The guess ball hits the worker. The identity of the space debris was the ball Superman blew it off with the bat.

As you can imagine, "Exclusive Alternate Scene (Redefines Entire Movie)"Krishna ShenoiA man named "Zero Gravity" and "Superman IVA parody movie created by composing. Shenoi says "This scene isWarner Bros.I made it a shame. "

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