Pixar presents "If the dinosaur is not extinct" the trailer of "The Good Dinosaur" depicting

He has produced various CG animation works such as Toy Story and Finding · NemoDisney / PixarHowever, if the work drawn with animation "If dinosaurs are not extinct" is "The Good DinosaurThat new trailer is released.

The Good Dinosaur US Teaser Trailer - YouTube

Meteorites floating in space

An accident happened there ... ...

One of the meteorite will fly away to the blue star.

The meteorite headed for millions of years ago on the earth, where a wide variety of dinosaurs lived.

Flying to the earth is a meteorite about 6 miles in diameter.

Due to the fall of this meteorite, all dinosaurs are considered extinct.

But ... if ...

A meteorite ......

Supposing that it passed by the earth.

Meteorite that flew away without colliding with the earth on a stretch of hair.

Although the dinosaurs look up at the sky for just a moment with "What did you shine?" ...

I will continue to eat Moggmog as much as "grass," rather than such a thing.

The scene changes, the back of a dinosaur that seems Pteranodon and ... ...

The figure of various large and small dinosaurs running through the earth is displayed.

A long dinosaur in the neck that is flushed by the torrent.

Various dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus which seems to be pretty bizarre, appear.

And a green dinosaur that runs uneven rocky mountain pyeongyeon lightly.

On the head of it is the shadow of something that looks like a human being.

The Good Dinosaur is a story of a world where dinosaurs who developed not cease on the earth have developed a civilization because the meteorite did not fall on the earth. Apatosaurus named Aroro seems to keep a primitive boy who is a spot at home as a pet.

In addition, "The Good Dinosaur" is published in the United States on November 25, 2015, but it is scheduled to be released in March 2016 in Japan.

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