Disney's "Pete and Dragon" depicting the friendship of the dragon and the boy was realized for the first time in about 40 years, the trailer is being released

Disney's live-action movie released in 1977Pete and the Dragon"Remade was"Pete's DragonThe trailer of "Hello! In the movie published in 1977, it was a story that draws friendship of Pete of an orphan who is not alone of humans and friends of Dragon which is the only friend, but the trailer releasedTarzanIt is finished to feel like the atmosphere like.

Pete's Dragon - Official US Trailer - YouTube

A woman exploring the forest.

In an unpopular forest, I discover that somehow the boy is alone under a huge tree.

When a woman speaks ......

The boy tries to escape in a hurry.

A boy who finds this while hiding in trees.

A woman asks "Do you have family or friends ..."

The boy remained silent.

Even reporting to the police is a view that it is "I got lost with camping or something."

The lady takes the boy out with a car.

Over the bridge ......

It looks like she took him home.

To a man who asks "How long has he been in the forest?"

"I'm six years old," the woman answers.

"I can not do anything, such as surviving in the woods alone for 6 years, it should have never been alone."

And the boy who gradually began to speak the words, Pete started talking "Elliot was there."

"What is Elliot?"

"I am worried that I am gone"

"Elliot is ... human being?"

Pete shaking his neck.

A woman's daughter ......

Looking at Picture painted by Pete, "Like a dragon"

Returning again to the forest, Pete who came out of the cave ... ...

Pause one's finger in front of the face "quietly".

And something will come out behind Pete.

Pete who runs.

Jumping off a cliff ... ...

Elliott of the dragon that appeared from under the cliff catches Pete.

I will fly higher in the sky.

Elliott seems to be able to freely make his body transparent.

On the other hand, the existence of a dragon becomes a place where people in the city know, and things like dragon hunt begin.

When a man leading the dragon hunt gets down to the bridge ... ...

Elliot to blow back and repel fire.

A man trying to put it on a trap.

Elliott will rampage.

Pete shouting the name of Elliott.

Destroy the warehouse.

In a situation where police cars are going out.

To a police officer shouting "Dragon, it's a dragon!"

"Do not shout the dragon dragon on the radio" and partner.

Pete who got a new family, but what will happen to the bond with Elliott, and Eliot can safely escape the hands of the hunters ... ...? Movie release in the United States is scheduled for August 12, 2016, and publication in Japan is undecided at the time of article creation.

Furthermore, when it was realized in 1977, it was in the form of half animation and half real life as below.

Pete's Dragon (1977) - IMDb

Elliot is a little bit like a fire.

It is a different atmosphere from this live action.

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