"Planet Unknown" depicting the adventure of a droid exploring an undeveloped planet while talking with Kurururu and mechanical sounds

Full CG's short movie depicting the adventure of two droids that explores the undeveloped planet while turning Cyruscu and Caterpillar is "Planet Unknown"is. The characters (?) Are only two robots and there is not any conversation, but it sounds like something like an animation that makes the parts rhythmically sound like a kingpycupi and a mechanical sound, it is very lovely like an animal, and the quality of the video is also professional It is amazing at the level that it seems what it made.

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"At the end of the 21st century, human beings were in a worldwide resource shortage, and Space Rovers were sent to various places to search for stars that humankind could hide"

"Space rovers are carrying a kit called" nSeed "and we are using this to find out whether it is possible to breed plants on the planet we are exploring."

After the magnificent introduction & BGM, two rovers running in the wilderness will appear.

Approach robot of "Planet Unknown" Part 1 is an orange autonomous droid.

It is a lovely appearance because it has a large camera and two manipulators like a human hand are also loaded. Kyupikyupi sounds mechanical sounds and moves like a conscious creature.

Another robot appeared is a blue droid with caterpillar. There is no manipulator, etc., there is no camera, so it looks like Noh mask.

Apparently the blue droid carries the baggage, the orange color seems to work fine with two manipulators. The two droids with different appearance each have a different role.

What put on the ground is a white box called "nSeed". When you click the Pochitto button ......

Gashan っ て deforming ... ....

Start investigating whether it is a land suitable for plant breeding.

However, apparently it seems to be a land that is not suitable for raising plants, like a bean that looks like a kit, it looks black as it sees.

It has two row bars that will disappoint you. It's very good to express 'disappointing' though it's a machine, and the 2 rich emotional expressions are very charming.

A droid that returns the used nSeed to the loading platform.

There are a lot of nSeeds judged to be "not suitable for plant breeding" on the loading platform, and this planet that the two rovers search is apparently a place not suitable for human beings to immigrate I can hear.

Two vehicles aiming for other survey points in a lively look.

"Gogogo ......" sounds, and looking back towards the sound ......

Suddenly, a meteorite fell from the sky.

Droids who will freeze to a sudden incident.

However, since countless meteorites fall from the sky mercilessly ... ...

A blue droid returning to me and dislodging, and an orange droid that runs away later.

Droids who run around while avoiding the rain of a falling meteorite.

The droids managed to avoid the meteorites and came up to the standing rocky place.

The blue droid seeing rocky which wears a disturbing atmosphere ... ...

Looking back and behind ... ...

It hid in the shadow of the orange droid. I express skillfully like these human-like gestures with mechanical sounds and delicate movements.

Do not be afraid of an orange droid, rush into an eerie rocky place.

Once the rain of the meteorite seems to have ceased, carefully advance the foggy rocky place.

Then we ran the rocky place without problems.

I thought I did ... ...

Looking back there is no blue droid.

An Orange droid that sounds like a bass and a mechanical sound in a bass so that it said "You gotta go".

And in a hurry I will go back into the rocky place.

Atmosphere in the rocky place is foggy and creepy atmosphere.

In addition, I will discover the nSeed which the oddly blue droid was carrying on the ground.

As I follow this ... ...

Arrived at a dent like a huge crater.

Did the blue droid get lost in this?

I am exploring the surroundings, an orange droid that finds nSeed in the dent.

I will never dive into the dent to help the only buddy.

At that time, the blue droid showed its appearance through the rocky field.

There are adorable somewhere where I look around the chestnut.

However, I can not see anything there.

In contrast to the orange droid, I am exploring inside the dent.

So I found a familiar light somewhere.

When approaching ... ....

This was nSeed showing the indication "Plants can breed."

The nSeed green light is reflected on the camera, as if the orange droid is pleased.

However, the meteorite falls again here.

The meteorite falls in front of you.

An orange desperate droid. After this, if you are anxious as to what happens to the two, please watch the movie and see the end.

Mr. Sean Wang, author of "Planet Unknown"China Medical UniversityI made this work as a graduation work of. The production period is 11 months, and as an idea it reveals that it comes from "TARS" and "CASE" of robots appearing in Interstellar published in 2014. Besides Interstellar, Disney'sWallyAnd Pixar's Toy Story,Chappy, NASA'sMars Science LaboratoryHe seems to have been inspired by documentary images and others, and I am convinced of the universe × robot combination.

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