Google releases "Google Wallet Debit Card", cash withdrawal from ATM is also possible

Linking a credit card to your Google Account, allowing you to make various payments easily from Android etc. From "Google Wallet", a new debit card "Google Wallet Card"Has been released. Just as ordinary debit cards immediately withdraw from the bank account, you can immediately withdraw from the Google Wallet balance and make payment.

Receive money with Google Wallet. Spend instantly with the Google Wallet Card.

According to Google, the "Google Wallet Card" is a debit card that can be used in conjunction with Google Wallet, and it can be used anywhere as long as it is a MasterCard card reader installation store. In addition, it is also possible to withdraw cash from the balance of Google Wallet by ATM, and in the case of settlement processing, notification arrives instantly to the smartphone so that all processing can be confirmed as a record.

Google Wallet Balance can receive remittances from other Google Wallet or Gmail, or you can add from your linked bank account or credit card. The maximum amount per day is set at $ 5000 (about 500,000 yen), and ATM cash withdrawals are not included in this limit. Google Wallet Balance, AndroidGoogle Wallet applicationYou can also check from the card, if you use cards at stores that work with apps, the loyalty program will also apply.

BySean Narvasa

The purchase of this card and the annual membership fee are free, currently it is possible to apply for card only in the US, not for use outside the United States, not announced about the service start in Japan.

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