Kawasaki's three-wheel electric vehicle "J" is too future-oriented

Kawasaki, developing a nickel-metal hydride battery "GIGACELL" capable of high-speed charge and discharge, has developed a three-wheel electric vehicle "J"At the Tokyo Motor Show 2013.

"J" has two front wheels.

The front wheel looks like a disc brake.

What is clogged in the tank instead of gasoline?

A mystery object in the place where the engine should fit.

I'm too far away and I do not understand anything at all. However, I can definitely understand only great things.

The rear wheel is one wheel. There is a perfect hole.

A corner of a mystery growing from the rear wheel.

Is it a tail lamp?

A terribly compact seat is sharp

Kawasaki's unique lime green color shines well in metallic car bodies.

Note that "J" is also likely to take such a form

"J" is a new personal mobility that handles different driving situations by one unit, it seems that you can enjoy city riding in a relaxed posture in comfort mode and sports riding combined with the machine in sports mode.

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