I actually used the portable charger "myFC POWER CHARGER" with built-in hydrogen fuel cell that can generate smart power by using only water

As a battery that can generate electricity anywhere, it can generate electricity by manipulating the steering wheelmobile batteryYaPortable solar power generation unit "Forty 2"Although we used such as, it was too hand crafting or inconvenient to carry. Meanwhile, portable charger with built-in hydrogen fuel cell that can generate electricity just by adding water "MyFC POWER CHARGER"Since I was able to borrow a real machine, I decided to actually generate electricity.


You can see what the concept of this charger is, by seeing the following movie.

MyFC PowerTrekk Concept Movie - YouTube

◆ Photo review
EvanewMyFC POWER CHARGER arrived at the editorial department of GIGAZINE.

In my package myFC POWER CHARGER and myFC Fuel Cell Pack (hydrogen generation pack) were included.

Right open!

In the box of myFC POWER CHARGER, there is a welcome card · user manual · au compatible chip · docomo / SoftBank compatible chip · Apple compatible chip (compatible with iPhone 4S) · Apple compatible chip (compatible with iPhone 5) · miniUSB compatible chip MicroUSB compatible chip · USB A charging cable · The main body is included.

From the left microUSB compatible chip · miniUSB compatible chip · Apple compatible chip (compatible with iPhone 5) · Apple compatible chip (compatible with iPhone 4S) · docomo / SoftBank compatible chip · au compatible chip

Chips corresponding to USB A charging cable and various connectors ......

You can charge any smart device by docking it.

Since the main body is contained in a sealable plastic bag, you can open it with pakari.



A black nylon cloth material is attached to the black part of the top surface.


On the side This is the control panel

LED fuel cell · indicator, built-in battery remaining amount check button, LED built-in battery indicator, power transfer button (power transmission button), LED external charge indicator

Charging output port (USB port) and the fastening beneath it.

There are also fasteners under the charging input port (microUSB port).

Fasteners on both sides of the main body ......

I will remove it.

With this feeling you can remove upper unit and lower unit.

The bottom unit looks something like this, if you install water and hydrogen generation pack in this, it becomes a hydrogen fuel cell and power generation becomes possible. There is a tank where the black cover part at the lower left is a water tank cover and water is put under this.

When pushing the water tank cover while pulling the front claw part ... ....


The lid of the tank twists and opens and closes.

I put water here.

MyFC POWER CHARGER is about this size feeling in hand.

The body weight is 230 grams, I feel it is considerably lighter than it looks when taken with hands.

When not using myFC POWER CHARGER it is a good pattern to put it in a plastic bag containing the main body and keep it.

This is myFC POWERCHARGER Puck with three hydrogen generation packs. Because it is a single use type, reuse is impossible.

Since this hydrogen generation pack is sensitive to dirt and extreme drying, it is necessary to keep it strictly. This pack contains powder for generating hydrogen, hydrogen is generated when mixed with water, and myFC POWER CHARGER can generate electricity using it.

With this size ......

It is 31 grams and it is considerably light.

◆ Charging iPhone with built-in battery
First of all, try charging the iPhone 5s using the built-in battery of myFC POWER CHARGER.

Connect USB A charging cable and Apple compatible chip ......

Insert the USB A charging cable into the USB port of myFC POWER CHARGER.

I also connected the iPhone 5s.

After that you can press the power transmission button on the side of the main unit OK.

Power transmission starts when the indicator next to the button lights up. The maximum output when charging external equipment from the built-in battery is 5W.

Actually watching the charging of the iPhone 5s using the built-in battery of myFC POWER CHARGER can be seen in the following movie.

Charge iPhone 5s with myFC POWER CHARGER's built-in battery - YouTube

◆ Charging the internal battery with an external device
Next, try charging the internal battery. When charging the built-in battery, insert a cord into the microUSB port of the main unit ......

Connect the cable to equipment that supplies power.

The LED built-in battery indicator in the center of the control panel will flash and charging begins.

◆ Power generation using water and hydrogen pack
When generating with myFC POWER CHARGER, you need to put more than 10 cc of water in the water tank.

Be careful as you overflow the tank lid when closing too much water.

Close the lid ... ....

Close the water tank cover.

Place the hydrogen generation pack in the fuel compartment next to the water tank cover ......

Peel the seal on the upper part of the pack.

If you install the upper unit OK.

Although it was in the user manual that "Generation starts within 2 to 3 minutes from pack installation", power generation starts immediately after installing the upper unit. When power generation is performed using hydrogen generation pack and water, the LED fuel cell indicator of the control panel and the battery built-in battery indicator light up.

The LED fuel cell indicator flashes when hydrogen necessary for power generation runs short.

LED fuel cell indicator blinking - YouTube

To prevent hydrogen leakage, do not separate upper unit and lower unit until more than 4 hours have elapsed since the LED fuel cell indicator starts blinking. Also, as hydrogen is generated during power generation, you need to be careful not to get close to the fire.

At the time of power generation, the interior becomes hot and when the hydrogen generation pack exceeds 58 degrees, the LED fuel cell indicator flashes red and the buzzer sounds.

The maximum power output when charging external equipment while generating electricity is 2.5 W. The way of this output is a bit unstable, so it is better to charge the internal battery during power generation. According to the user manual, it is said that the power generation amount is 2 W when electricity is generated by the hydrogen generation pack and the internal battery is charged. In addition, when actually generating electricity, it was possible to generate power in less than 1 hour with one pack.

MyFC POWER CHARGER main body. Tax included25,200 jpy, hydrogen generation pack. 3 piece set. Including tax1575 jpy has become.

Product information || myFC (MYF)

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